Voting is OPEN!

Yes we are opening a 30 minutes early but we have been working on this forever it seems and we all just want to share.  Enjoy!


Before you eagerly press the button below, there are a few things we at The Authority would like to discuss.

  1. THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!  We were completely overwhelmed by the number of nominations we received.  In all, there were 1,256 individual nominations spread out over all the categories.  Of those 1,256 nominations, there were 695 stories/authors that we needed to verify.  Of those 695 stories/authors, that left us with 606 viable options for voting.  We have spent the last week verifying the stories and the authors.  This has involved scouring many internet sites, emailing the authors directly, and generally driving ourselves crazy as we got everything ready!  We at The Authority may disappear for the next two weeks to sleep off all the hard work from this past week!
  2. Let us define “viable option”.  We checked, and in some cases double-checked, all the stories nominated.  With the exception of two categories (Pins and Needles and Best of the Best), if a story was not updated within the last six months, we removed that story from voting.  As we said before, we want these awards to be for those authors that are actively working to update their stories.  All completed stories were considered for every category UNLESS the nomination form was not filled out completely.  For example, some entries for Best Villain were thrown out because the villain wasn’t listed.  Sorry folks, we aren’t mind-readers.
  3. A special thank you to Meridian and msbuffy for their help!  Meridian helped us verify the nominations, and msbuffy was our impartial judge when we weren’t sure how to handle something we met in the nominations.  Don’t worry folks; next year we will try to have things more clearly defined to make everything easier for everyone involved!
  4. Many of you nominated EricIzMine or one of her amazing stories, but you will not see any of the stories or her name in the categories for voting.  There is a very specific reason for this.  We have something special for her, but we will not show it until we announce all the winners.  Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about her.


Nominees!! You can get your nominee banners here.  Banners

May 15th has arrived, which means voting is open!!!!  The polls have been created; click on the image below to vote .  Each award is a separate poll so you can vote often for you favorites.




18 thoughts on “Voting is OPEN!

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  2. Reblogged this on Fanfiction & Other Writing by idream3223 and commented:
    WOOHOO! Not go all Sally Field, but I am nominated in three categories and am way too flipped out to see myself among my own heros and idols. Best way to start the day EVER! 🙂 Good luck to everyone!! )
    Thanks and hugs to those who nominated me! 🙂 I appreciate every second you spend with me in my fantasy world where fairies and vikings rule!
    Please vote now! 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on California Kat and commented:
    I hope that you all will vote. I am honored that I was nominated for so many of my stories! You all have made my life so much better with your acceptance of me and my stories. I hope you will consider voting for my stuff; however, just to be recognized really is awesome! Many of my favorite works from other writers are nominated too. It’ll be difficult to pick! But that just shows how wonderful and full of talent our community is. Congrats to all nominees!

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  8. Wow, thank you to everyone who nominated me for Best Newcomer and Best Pairing! I never freaking thought in a million years that people would actually enjoy reading my crap, nonetheless nominate/vote for me in the same award and category as some of my favorite FF writers!

    Kjwrit, All About Eric, Missy Dee, and just about everyone else on here, I Stan you guys hard!

    Thank you to The Kittyinaz FB group for hosting the award!

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