And the Winners are . . .

Everyone on the Authority Panel would just like to say

thank-you-word-cloud-1024x791We only hoped and dreamed for a response as large as we received.  So thank you all of you!  Now for what you are all really here to find out.


7 thoughts on “And the Winners are . . .

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    OMG!! I won something!! And so did Meridian, Gyllene, MsitressJessica, and Mags AND ROBIN!!! Go look. See what you might have one. I will tell you now. There is a Tie in the One Shots, and another award that won by one vote. Yes. One. When we told you to go vote and you would make a difference, you did….

  2. Congrats all the winners!
    Huge thanks to the wonderful Panel for putting it all together.
    And thankyou 4PadFoot for a lovely tribute to Angela ‘s Eric and Sookie. A tissue warning would have been good lol.
    Hugs All Round!

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    The winners are in. I would like to wish all the winners congrats on their placement. Please go look who was awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places by your votes. Some wonderful Stories that I’ve enjoyed as have you!

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    WOW – the support for this contest – and the number of votes – proves that this fandom is alive and well. EVEN if CH and HBO seem intent on killing it (or have). Those of us who know the right direction for these characters (E/S togetherness DUH) have spoken.
    Be sure to support the winners and nominees by reading, reviewing and referring to others!

    Alas – I am just reblogging today and I don’t have a chapter for you. I truly did spend Friday night and all day yesterday with my scout troop and am now about to log in for work. Enjoy your week my readers!

  5. First off, let me start out by saying thank you to the Authority for conducting the You Want Blood Awards, especially since the Fangies didn’t take place this year. I know that this was not an easy task. You had to process all the nominations, set up the site for voting, and probably many other things that you had to do that I’m not aware of. So a sincere thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to set it up for everyone. I think the awards help to keep the fandom alive and growing. Even though the books are finished and the show is coming to an end after this season, I hope that we’ll still have fan fiction to keep us entertained and to keep us visiting the world of Sookie Stackhouse for years to come. I think the awards are a big step in keeping fan fiction writers, as well as readers, engaged in this fandom. So again, thank you!

    Also, thank you to all authors, nominated or not. Your stories take us out of our everyday lives and let us imagine new and different places and to see our favorite SVM characters in new and different ways. I have been reading fan fiction for a little over 3 years now and I am constantly amazed by all the new and different story lines, plots, and trouble that you can find for Sookie and company. So congratulations to you all for giving us all unforgettable stories during the last year!

    But all that being said, I want to explain why I DIDN’T vote in the You Want Blood Awards… 😦

    I’m sure as a group someone discussed how the nomination process would work, but I was completely overwhelmed by the number of nominations when they were posted. I wanted to be able to read or reread all the nominations in a category before I voted, but between work and other real life stuff, it was impossible to have the time to do this during the given time frame seeing as some categories had 30+ nominations. Another reason I didn’t vote was because of the unlimited voting. Not saying that deserving stories and authors didn’t win with this method, but how can unlimited voting ensure that the winner is definitely THE BEST of all the nominees? Just because someone was able to vote for the first option 20 times and another person was only able to vote for a second option 5 times, does that REALLY make the first option the better one when you are still only considering two individual opinions? These are the two main reasons why I chose not to vote in the You Want Blood Awards.

    But again, I want to say thank you to the Authority… if nothing else, the awards have introduced me to new stories and new authors that I haven’t read before. So in the meantime, I am going to continue reading through the nominated stories and picking out my personal favorites on my own. I hope the awards come back bigger and better next year!

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