Notice of Award Recension

It has come to our attention that we of the You Want Blood Awards unknowingly allowed a plagiarized story, Deviations by On3Lov3, to be both nominated and voted upon. As of now, this item has been removed from any nominations, and any awards it may have received have now been rescinded.  Plagiarism is not to be tolerated under any circumstances. Thank you for your time.


19 thoughts on “Notice of Award Recension

    • It’s because of your notice on your blog that I looked into it and was able to inform the YBA of a wrongful win and it’s allowing people who want to continue reading the chance to do that, rather than assuming it was’s morality police that got it taken down and losing a story they enjoyed. You have nothing to be sorry for as far as I’m concerned.

  1. Gosh, this makes me so mad! I actually liked that story a lot and am really shocked! How can anyone think they will actually get away with something like this? Ugh!

  2. Where was Deviations plagiarised from? I loved the story. I’ve been following Fanfiction for over 2 years and didn’t recognise it from elsewhere – can anyone shed light on this – so disappointed to hear it wasn’t original 😦

  3. That story is blatantly 1D fic from the get-go, the “author” even forgot to change character names at some points in the first few chapters.

  4. It’s After by Anna Todd. It’s been published but it’s still free on Wattpad & I’m reliably informed Ch 33 of Deviations is about CH 140 in book 2 if you want to read the original.

  5. I’ve never heard of Wattpad. Cool. I just went to After and it’s the exact same! How are people this devious and stupid?? Ugh.

  6. I am so heartbroken:(:( I loved that story, and I thought it couldn’t be true! I just looked at the original story and it is blatantly the same story almost word for word:(:( At least I can finish the story by the true author.

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