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Good morning everyone.  This will be short as my kids are hollering about mom and computer time and breakfast and clean clothes.  I don’t know I tuned them out after that.

I have started to update the nominee link page so you will have plenty of time to read and vote for your favorites.  I am still waiting for some email replies on some before I add them. Also remember that nominations are open until June 12th!  





Thanks guys!!


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Nominations for New Blood Awards 2015


The group of stalkers lead the writers and readers of the SVM/TV fandom into the now familiar hallway where they are to wait to learn the nomination rules for the New Blood Awards.  As they near the closed doors, they hear arguing.

“But Robin, he didn’t mean to.” the male voice that everyone recongizes as coming from Godric says.  “You’ve had him locked up for 5 days.”  The doors opened and everyone saw Eric sitting in a small wire cage.


“Oh please, Godric, like he couldn’t shred that whole cage if he wanted.  He’s staying in there because he knows he messed up.”   The woman says as she glares at the grinning vampire.  “Now I have an announcement to make, please excuse me.  Girls are you ready?”

“Oh Robin yes, we’re ready and we’re so glad we get to help with these New Blood Awards.” The red head squeals excitedly. Everyone recognizes Jessica Hamby who is walking with the dark headed, Willa Burrell.


“Hey, everyone,” Jessica called out to the members of the crowd.  Many return greetings to the two new vampires and ask to have some chats later.

“Now let’s get on track as I am sure some of you have already scanned down and seen that the nomination form is below.  I’ve thought about how to spark more interest in these awards and here is what I have decided,” The woman says as she pulls out a real notebook and turns to glare at Eric who grins back.

“Alright, first, anyone who has published their first story in the SVM/TB fandom within the last two years is eligible (May 1, 2013 – May 29, 2015)).  Next year this rule will change to only include those who have joined during the year prior to that nomination’s opening, but I’m doing it this way this year so that it will cover from the beginning of this website.   Once again, for this current nomination period, only writers who have published their first story in this fandom during the past two years are eligible.  Everyone got that?  They can have written for other fandoms at any time, but their first story in the SVM/TB fandom must have been posted during these past two years.”

She pauses to see if anyone has any questions, and proceeds when they don’t

“Second, anyone can nominate.  Authors can nominate their own stories if they want, and stalkers and readers can nominate their new favorites.  I repeat: anyone can nominate any qualifying fic.  I will try (TRY) to update the nominee page as I verify each story, and every story that passes verification will be in the final vote.  Now, on the nomination forms, you MUST fill out which category where you want the story placed.  I can’t read minds, so if the category section is not filled in, I will have no choice but to discard that nomination form.  So, be prepared – this could be a long voting form!!”

As the crowd stood still listening attentively, they were shocked to hear the Viking’s voice cut across the room.

“Hello, ladies.  Now, since I do own Robin a new laptop, I will be accepting donations if you are willing to help my cause, but I will also be doing a photo signing session one signed photo your choice for each completed nominations form…” His voice trailed off as Jessica and Willa grabbed Robin to haul her out of the way as they crowd stormed to the computer room to research as many new writers as they could find.


Nominations close on JUNE 12, 2015


All my posts are beta’d by the wonderful, amazing, excellent, Meridian who also smells wonderful

Damn it Eric!!


The two saxon vampire guards heard screeching and crashing from inside the room they were set to guard.  After turning to look at each other they hear a female yell.

“Damn it, Eric! They have already left.  They are not expecting to come back until the 29th.”  the voice is heard as the saxons wonder what is going on.  CRASH!   “You … you… you…you killed my laptop…my brand new laptop!!!”

The door is opened and the viking’s head peeks out the door.  “Get everyone back here now!” Then he promptly slams the door.

“How are we suppose to do that?” they stated together as they glance down the hallway where the ladies had left 5 hours ago.

“Well, hello again everyone seems Eric was impatient and decided to surprise everyone as soon as I finished the banners today.” the woman glared at him as he stood to the left holding a mangled laptop.  With over 9800 votes … here are the winners…

2015 Winners

The Best of Both Worlds Award: Best Combo of TB/SVM

The Best of the Best Award: All-Time Favorite Story

The Charlaine Harris Award: Best Rewrite of SVM

The Eagle Eye Award: Best Beta

Ericizmine Award: All-Time Favorite Author

The Greatest Love Story Award: Best Romance

Hit Me With Your Best Shot Award – Best One Shot

The Human Award: Best All Human (we had a tie for 2nd place)

The Hybrid Award: Best Crossover

Mr January Award: Best Lemon

Pins and Needles Award: WIP Story you wait anxiously for updates

Tissue / Kleenex Award: Best Angst

Van Gogh Award: Best Artist

The Alan Ball Award: Best Rewrite of True Blood

The Roller Coaster Award: Best Drama

” You owe me a brand new laptop, Eric Northman!!” the lady yells at him from across the room as the Viking Vampire grins at her from across the room.

“You love me Robin.” He purrs.

“I Know that is the problem!!” she said as she stomps out of the room “Where did Godric put your sword again?”

“Wait…Robin…let’s talk about this.” the viking pleads as he vamps after her as he hears a sword crash to the ground.

Final note from 4padfoot:

Yes, the winners have been announced earlier than expected.  I hope everyone is happy and continues the well wishes to each other.  Continue to leave reviews for your authors cause I can promise the more reviews they get the more chapters you get to read.  It’s a win win for everyone!  I will be re-designing the site and then hopefully post the upcoming expectations for the New Blood Awards on the 29th.  I hope that the veteran authors will help nominate as many new authors as possible.   I will continue to do what I can to keep the fandom alive and communicating.





All my posts are beta’d by the wonderful, amazing, excellent, Meridian who also smells wonderful

Voting is closed


The large crowd of writers, readers and stalkers wait outside the large doors they had all entered in the last 24 hours to place their votes.  When the doors open and two huge twin vampires exit the room the crowd quickly backs up.  A young woman who all recognize as 4padfoot quickly follows them out the doors juggling an ipad, folders and then handing the vampire on the right a roll of yellow caution tape.

“I just want to thank everyone who took the time to vote.  I don’t have a lot of time left and I have a whole lot to do, so this will be a very short message.  Let me introduce you to Sigebert and Wybert.” she stated as she pointed to the two vampires one on each side of her.  “Queen Sophie-Ann Leclerq has loaned them to me for the next couple of days.  They will be guarding the entrance for me until I get the site re-designed and to help me safe guard the results.  The site will show a construction page as of midnight tonight until the 29th.  If you wish to leave me messages you can do so on the Awards facebook page or in email (  So if there are no questions I will get back to work so that I can get the results to you as soon as possible.  Thank you again, Ladies.” She rushes back into the room.  Everyone watches as the two vampires shut the door and attach the yellow voting is closed tape across the doors.

“I believe you all may go now.” the twins spoke in unison.  “Come back on the 29th.”  The crowd quickly vanishes down the hall they originally entered through.


****Update**** on email for voting

****Update****  If you received a blank email I know and have corrected it already I have no way of fixing the emails already sent.  Stupid Open office.  If you click to the website you can read the post!

Sorry it’s technology there is always a glitch somewhere.  This was ours


Voting Is Open for 24 hours!!



In response to yesterday’s announcement, a large crowd of writers, readers, and stalkers has gathered at the door. Soon they are led down a long, dark hallway to eventually arrive at a single door guarded by a face familiar to many, if not all.



“Freakity frack fuck….that is Alcide….I want…” MistressJessica could not stop the words from tumbling out as she eyed the male guarding the door as though she didn’t know if she wanted to tackle the man or the door first.

“Hold her back,” Magsdonald whispered to the ones around them. They all quietly chuckled in response.

“Welcome back, everyone! I am glad that you guys were able to find time in your schedules to come back and vote to help keep the fandom on strong footing as we all move forward,” Alcide said, his deep voice cut across the gathering.  “We are to wait here until 4padfoot returns, but I just want to say that I am proud of all of you who are determined to help keep this fandom alive and thriving.”

The huge door behind Alcide opens and a single woman comes through and looks at the crowd.  “Hello, everyone!  Glad you have all made it.  I hope that you are all following Eric’s suggestion and leaving lots of messages with the authors.”

There are some smiles and giggles as whispers are heard of inboxes being full, and a couple murmurs of “Oops, I need to still do that.”

“Ok, well, I see everyone still has to-do lists for later, but as the Polls will open in two minutes, I’d like to go over the changes that have already been made regarding the Awards. For each category, you will be allowed to vote only once, but you may select up to three options. Remember: one vote with up to three options per category. Just consider that you are voting for first, second, and third place.

“You will also see that the Newcomer Award is missing.  I made the decision to hold this one back until the New Blood Awards next month.  I have also removed myself from the Van Gogh Award. If at any time in the future I am nominated for anything, I will remove it then, too. This way I am as unbiased a third party as I can be in a fandom that I love. If you want to recognize me just swing by my website or my Youtube channel and do it there.  

“Next you will notice that the voting ballots are set up exactly as before excluding the changes mentioned except for a link at the end.  You can fill out this survey as many times as you want – just click the link at the end of the ballot and you should be allowed to fill in only that section again.  *At least it worked that way in my testing.* You can use that survey to send me suggestions, comments, or ideas.  

“Finally, the polls will be open until 12:00 pm (noon) EST tomorrow, May 24, 2015.  This will give you guys a full 24 hours to vote.  Now, are there any questions?  If so, contact me!  Otherwise…”  the kind, wonderful, amazing, decent, sweet, brilliant lady *What the heck! Where did that come from sorry gotta go take Godric away from my editor she snuck that in here* glances over the crowd and turns to knock in a quick five-beat pattern.  The doors are then opened by two very familiar faces.

“Good afternoon, ladies…won’t you come in,”  Godric invites as the two hold the door open to the voting room.

allan-hyde-17 close-up-tux



Remember EVERY vote counts.








Here is the direct link to the Comments and Ideas survey.


What I am going to do is the following

An empty podium stands in the front of the room where everyone is waiting for notification about what is going to happen to our beloved fandom. A door in the back opens and in walks a simple woman surrounded by two very famous members of said fandom: Eric Northman and Godric.  The impressive vampires stand to each side of the podium to provide their support. The woman takes her place behind the podium and is nervously shuffling and straightening of her note cards.

*cough cough, deep breath*

“Testing….Testing… Can everyone hear me? Anyone still here? Heck, I’m continuing anyway. Okay, I am not an eloquent writer like some of the amazing women in this fandom. I don’t even have the ability to proof read my own posts often not finding the mistakes until days after it was posted so I will depend on someone else for that. *You know who you are I will be contacting you later* But here is what you in the fandom will need to know: My name is Robin, on Facebook I go by Robin Amanda, and in the fanfiction world some know me as 4padfoot *gosh I love that Sirius character* and others know me as the wordpresswhisperer.”

The lady pauses to take a breath before continuing. “Everyone know who I am now? Good.  Now, here are ways of getting in contact with me as I am the admin to the You Want Blood Awards site.  The first way is via my email address. *Please don’t sign me up for any spam emails and no that is not how you get even with an ex. I didn’t do that, (snickering), I am a techie and sometimes we are an evil group.* I am stepping out on a limb here and trusting you all:  Here is the award site email that we set up last year:  You can also message me on Facebook as Robin Amanda.  From this day forward you will contact me regarding any issues with the Awards or the Awards site. It will be that simple.  Also, I am redesigning the site with its reveal scheduled for the 29th of this month. *How many days is that away? “Seven,” Eric obligingly answers… YIKES!  Ok, time to speed this up*

The kind lady pauses momentarily to shuffle through the notes in her hands as Godric and Eric take a comforting step closer as she begins addressing the audience:

“Now, I have been thru a lot this week both online and offline, and I know that everyone hates drama. Believe me no one hates it more that I do.


“I am not going to point fingers or take any sides except the side of the fandom. My decision involved a venting session with my mother *yes, I am best friends with my mother who can still help me see reason sometimes and not just hurt feelings* at Texas Roadhouse yesterday. Then a specific comment hit me hard in the face that stated it simply with: WWED? What would Eric do?


That…started me thinking. The reply to that made me smile for the first time in a couple days: He’d laugh at our back and forth – then probably drain us all. ”

*I personally don’t wanna be drained but wait – it’s Eric…can I be his progeny in the end?  If so sign me up! Oh, I am so torn now*

“Back on task where was I?  Oh, yeah… Then I saw a Supernatural video *maybe more than once I had to show it to my friends*




and I was laughing and smiling again because this is supposed to be our escape… This is supposed to be our fun time away from evil work bosses, screaming kids, spouses *ha I don’t have that to worry about*, bills – a fun time to read and imagine what Eric would do if, and the authors in this fandom have so many wonderful if stories out there.

“We need to support our fandom because I don’t want the sparkly vampires to win please never let that happen. *”Godric, we may have to do something about that,” Eric says as he covers his laugh with a cough. I still heard that!* Yes, we are like siblings and we fight sometimes but we always come back stronger. Today I am stronger and I am stepping up and standing in front of everyone who is reading this *glup, quit glaring at your monitors, phones and ipads I can feel the eyeballs on me* saying that this is what I am going to do. To that end, I asked myself how I can fix things so that most (not all because I know I can’t please everyone and I am not even going to try to kill myself to get that accomplished) of the people will be happy, and I asked myself about what I enjoy doing. I love SVM/TB fiction.  To anyone who has gotten one of my reviews they know how I am – I don’t just leave a “Hey, love your story” comment.  I sometimes leave 1700 words on a single chapter and have characters of my own! I also love to design websites. That is what I do for my “real” job and it is what I do in my spare time when I am not reading fanfiction and real fiction.

“So, here is my plan. I am going to take over all parts of this site.  From the first step to the last, I am going to re-design the site. There will be three sections all under the You Want Blood Awards website: The You Want Blood Awards, The New Blood Awards, and Contests and Links.

“The You Want Blood Awards (which will run from April to May) — will be for writers who have been writing in the SVM/TB fandom for longer than two years. This will allow the veteran authors to be in their own grouping without new authors trying to compete against them.

“The New Blood Awards (which will run from June – July) – will be for writers who are new to the fandom (under two years).  Hopefully this will draw new writers to our fandom to get New Blood in here. I will be posting a lot of stuff in the future in on this section of the site *scribbles notes to myself* so be prepared.

“Contests and Links (on-going) – this will be for other people to contact me *look above for the address as I will not have time to go find them because I have 6 websites that I am heavily involved in maintaining in my spare time, I work a full time job, and then I do read this stuff called fanficiton you should join me it is amazing some is even better than the originals* I will post Contest descriptions and Links to all nominees for you to be able to find new amazing authors or find old favorites that you thought were gone forever.

“Now, I am not quite sure how the New Blood Awards will work yet.  I have notes that I will hash it out with people I trust, and if I get in over my head I will ask for help. This, however, is mainly to inform everyone that I don’t want the SVM/TB fandom, which one commenter said “was on life support” *snicker*, to have the plug pulled.

“As I am a numbers person, here’s the skinny:

“What I have seen is that this site has had 42,146 views.  From the beginning of May we average 580 views a day. Our best ever day was 2,317 views. This tells me that we have readers, that we have people who want to be recognized when they tell us, “Hey I love that story” or “Oh, I love that author”.

“So to everyone who is still listening to me ramble *I do that a lot, ask my friends* do sit up and take notice. I thought long and hard on whether or not to finish this award season. Did I want to leave the writers hanging? Did I want to let it die a painful death on life support? Did I want the SVM/TB fandom to be remembered for pettiness? The answers to these were no…no…and Hell NO!!!!! So, here is what is going to happen, your defibrillator shock to the heart, so to speak.  CLEAR!!

“I will open the polls back up from Saturday 5/23/2015 at noon EST *sorry that is where I live so everything will be set by the Eastern Time Zone* to Sunday 5/24/2015 at noon. That will allow 24 hours for people to get their votes in on this year’s awards because I am not going to allow the “life-support death” to happen. You will be allowed to vote once in that 24 hour period. I have tweaked the polls already. Now I am not Gyllene who is able to make over 600 banners at a time (which she did last year singlehandedly) so I will figure out how I will get banners to this year’s winners promptly. Again,  the dates to remember are: May 23rd – May 24th,and May 29th!!  So the only thing I ask in conclusion please share this with as many as you can so that the notice is given to as many as possible.”

As the nice lady turns to leave the room, that beloved voice we all want to hear cuts across the room.

“Wait, I have something to say.”

In the resulting silence, the tall blond Viking steps up to the podium.

“Now that this has all been settled, I am making a request to each and every one of you. Whether you are a writer, a reader, or a stalker,” he pauses to look into the crowd, “Yes, Charissa, I know you are one of my stalkers,” he says to the lady as he looks straight at her to the delighted chuckles of the crowd.

Straightening up, he continues, I want every one of you to go forward now and have a chat with your muses or look up your favorite writer and leave them a review that says Eric sent me to say that I love your stories, and I do. Find a new author to the fandom them and leave the same review. You have until the weekend is over. Bring this fandom back before we, the characters, fade into the nothingness of a lost fandom. Because, and I will say this only once: if the sparkly assed vampires win, I WILL NOT BE HAPPY. That is all you need to know.  Good night!”

The crowd disperses quickly.

Let me tell you a story . . .

Last year, a group of us were sitting in Kittyinaz’s Facebook group waiting for the Fanfic Fanatics (or whatever they are called; sorry but I’m horrible at keeping names straight) winners to be announced. It seemed like every award was won by a Twilight story with the exception of the categories that were fandom specific. It seemed so sad that all these wonderful authors who wrote all these wonderful stories in the TB/SVM fandom were shut out of the awards because of sparkly vampires. (Sorry Twilight fans, but vampires should never, ever sparkle!)

As a joke, MistressJessica1028 suggested that we start our own awards. And it snowballed from there. Five women, Magsmacdonald, MistressJessica1028, Kittyinaz, 4Padfoot, and Gyllene, worked very hard to create the awards categories, banners, website, etc. Hours upon hours of work went into just setting up the damn things. To be fair and try to get everyone, old and new, acknowledged in the awards, we allowed ALL stories from the beginning of the fandom to May 1, 2014, to be considered for entry. There were 27 categories people could nominate for. And do you want to know something?

We absolutely fucking killed ourselves last year!  We had to verify over a THOUSAND nominees. An entire weekend was spent working on the verification process alone. And to be honest, it wasn’t easy. People didn’t understand some of the categories, and we realized we weren’t clear on some things. But we had never done this before; we were learning. Plus they didn’t fill out the nomination forms completely so we had to go hunting for stories.

The winners were announced and we brainstormed on ideas to make things better. We listened to the fans that asked us to streamline the categories, since you said the nomination and voting process were too involved.

Skip forward a year.  In April, we started discussing the awards. Magsmacdonald and MistressJessica1028 said they were stepping back due to real life obligations. Based on last year’s suggestions, we trimmed the number of categories down from 27 to under 20, getting rid of the ones that were too difficult to verify. We also trimmed down the timing for stories, limiting them to stories started or updated after May 1, 2014. Another thing we did was say that if the ballot wasn’t completely filled out, we were disqualifying the entry.  The reason for that was to make the verification process easier on us. Sorry, but sometimes that does have to factor into all of this: our time and effort.

So nominations opened. You wanna know something?

We had a whooping 47 nomination forms.

Talk about disappointing.

Each category was only to have 10 nominees, again to make the verification process easier. When there were ties among all the nominees, we put it up to the voters to decide who would make it out of the wild card round.  The Authority had NOTHING to do with who made it in and who did not. And before you ask, we each voted once in the wild card round, and once in the actual voting. Could we have voted more? Sure. Did we? No, because we had other things on our minds.  Have other people voted more than once? Probably. Do we care? Not really, because that means that the readers are passionate about the stories they love.

We’ve heard that the awards are skewed to favor The Authority. To be clear, the only person that knows what’s going on with the voting is 4Padfoot because she created the poll for voting and she is the website adminstrator; she isn’t an author.  MistressJessica1028 had 6 nominations, Kittyinaz had 3, and Gyllene had the most of the active Authority members with 15. Do you want to know why Gyllene and Meridian had the most nominations this time around?

It’s because they sent out a reminder in one of their posts saying which stories were available to be considered.  But they weren’t the only authors to do that.

That’s like when films starting campaigning for an Academy Award.  It’s not right; it’s not wrong; it is what it is.

So to recap, we only had 47 nomination forms, yet we’ve had over 30,000 votes. Again, the only one that has seen what is happening in voting is 4Padfoot.

As of now, voting is closed. We are debating whether to announce the winners or not, because all the negativity surrounding the awards has disheartened all of us. We have spent hours trying to bring these awards to you, to make them what YOU, the readers, wanted. I know of only one group of people who asked questions about the awards, and to be honest, it didn’t go so well. Personality conflicts on both sides; it happens.  But no one approached me personally to ask questions about the awards. I’m only learning today of people approaching Kittyinaz, and that is to tell her of a specific rant about the awards.  We are not naming names, because that is petty, but this is what we have to say in response.

If you truly had issues with the awards, then we would have appreciated it if you had come to any members of The Authority with your concerns. It’s extremely frustrating to hear so much discrediting us when we have tried to make this as something to recognize the authors. We can’t help that the readers have their favorite authors. We had talked about excluding winners from last year in this year’s awards, but that created backlash as well because people suggested it wasn’t a truly fair competition if they couldn’t compete against everyone in the fandom.

We can’t please everyone, though we have tried to do so, but it looks like we ended up failing abysmally.

We do not decide who wins and loses; we only post the winners that you the fans decide on.  If you don’t like what the fans have to say, then we are sorry.  The awards are not mean to depress or discourage anyone. We’re sorry if you have let something that is supposed to be uplifting do that to you.

Lastly, we are human.  We make mistakes.  If we missed something, well we hoped that after our many checks, that you will look over them.  We had mentioned that we are human and for any input to be given to us.  We listened last year to the complaints, and worked to make these better for you.  Instead of coming to us and telling us what the issues are, we instead find out from anonymous people who stepped forward to let us know of the complaints.  We had no idea they were being aired.

Based on our experience this year, we are seriously considering not hosting the awards next year. We will think long and hard before we do.  Why do something that people are treating negatively? It was meant to be fun, and this shit isn’t fun.


The Authority

Voting is now open!!!

Voting is now OPEN!!!

There is unlimited Voting!

So vote every day for your favorites  and lets see how many total of votes we can get. Each time you vote in an award category you can vote for up to 3 different stories each time!

The polls close on May  22nd.  Click the button below to take you to vote!


Winners will be revealed on May 29th!

Thank you for all off your support!

The Authority

Here Are The Nominees for the 2015 You Want Blood Awards


Congratulations to all Nominees!!

Feel free to grab your banner and link it back to our voting page which will open on May 15th.

Click for banners.

Click for nominee links.

Best of Both Worlds Award: Best Combo of TB/SVM
Gyllene76 Lover’s Amnesia
Magsmacdonal Even the Dead Can Scar
Meridian The Revealing of Andre
MistressJessica A Different Life
Queen of Area Five Behind the Public Masks
Texan Lady/NYCSnowbird The Arrangement
Virala Finally
Gyllene76 Lover Always
Meridian Eric Northman: After the Show
Gyllene76 Black Friday
Best of the Best Award – All-Time Favorite Story
ficlit78 Pretty Kitty
Gyllene76 Lover’s Always
Kjwrit The Debt
Magpie Tales Crash and Burn
Magsmacdonald Make A Wish
Melusine10 Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made of
Virala Finally
Meridian Valentine’s Night
Meridian The Revealing of Andre
Queen of Area Five A Marriage of Inconvenience
Eagle Eye Award: Best Beta
Queen of Delicious
Royal Ember
Hit Me With Your Best Shot Award: Best One-Shot
California Kat The better to love you with
idream3223 Thousand Miles
Meridian At Last
Mistress Jessica Rekindling the Romance
virala Had To Know
Meridian He Had Your Eyes
Gyllene76 Won’t You Come In
Meridian Last Christmas
California Kat Missing at the Table
Kjwrit 12 Steps
Mr. January Award: Best Lemon
DirtyLemons Love Shack
Kjwrit The Venefica & The Vampire
Melusine10 Into the Mystic
Meridian Decisions
MissyDee Bottoms Up
MistressJessica Chastity
Queen of Area Five Behind the Public Masks
Virala Finally
Meridian The Moon
Gyllene76 Lover Always
New Kid on the Block: Best Newcomer
FairyTale Amber
American Android
Miss Alice Unsub
Pins and Needles Award: WIP Story you wait anxiously for updates
Gyllene76 Black Friday
Kjwrit The Debt
Magpie Tales Crash and Burn
Melusine10 Into the Mystic
Meridian The Revealing of Andre
Tradlover Just In Time
Meridian Sookie Takes Charge
Virala Finally
California Kat United
California Kat Who’s Your Daddy
Roller Coaster Award: Best Drama
Magsmacdonald Even the Dead Can Scar
Meridian Decisions
Natsgirl Swimming to the Light
Virala Finally
Meridian The Moon
AlphaEN Die Tonight, Rule Tomorrow
Meridian Eric Northman: After the Show
Kittyinaz All I Want
California Kat Uncharted
Gyllene76 Daylight
The Alan Ball Award: Best Rewrite of True Blood
American Android Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole
California Kat Inner
Fictlit78 Pretty Kitty
Gyllene76 Black Friday
Magsmacdonald Even the Dead Can Scar
Meridian The Moon
Mistress Jessica Hanging In The Balance
Queen of Area Five Lifting the Veil
Meridian Sookie Takes Charge
InLoveWithEric True Blood: Season 7 The Right Way
The Charlaine Harris Award: Best Rewrite of SVM
California Kat Gift Horse Series
Gyllene76 At That Moment
Magpie Tales Crash and Burn
Meridian Valentine’s Night
Natsgirl Swimming Toward the Light
TexanLady/NYCsnowbird The Arrangement
Queen of Area Five Fool No More
Meridian The Revealing of Andre
FairyTale Amber Dead and Loving It
Kardamon Forget Me Not
The Ericizmine Award: All-time Favorite Author
California Kat
Queen of Area Five
The Greatest Love Story: Best Romance
Gyllene76 Lover’s Amnesia
idream3223 The Big Bang
Justwanderingneverlost Lover Eternal
Magsmacdonald Make a Wish
Meridain The Moon
Tradlover New Beginnings
Virala Finally
Queen of Area Five Fool No More
California Kat The Un-iverse
Magsmacdonald Even the Dead Can Scar
The Human Award: Best All-Human
California Kat Burn Out The Pain
hisviks 6 Months to Live
Kjwrit About Last Night
MIstressJessica In His Honor
Victory In Trouble Northman’s Nanny
Kjwrit Love Somebody
Morggy The Stackhouse File
Morggy Love As A Party
Victory In Trouble Shave And A Haircut
DirtyLemons Rehab
The Hybrid Award: Best Crossover
Cuinawen An Unexpected Claim
Kittyinaz Put Your Feet Up to the Edge
Kjwrit Playing God
Royal Ember An Ancient’s Love
Sar’Kalu Mo Chol Ceathrair, An Sí
Secret Nerd Princess Wonderland
Tissue/Kleenex Award: Best Angst
Gyllene76 Daylight
Magsmacdonald Make A wish
Meridain At Last
Queen of Area Five Long Hard Road Out Of Hell
Tradlover Just In Time
Virala Finally
Kjwrit The Debt
Natsgirl Swiming to the Light
CaliforniaKat Uncharted
MistressJessica1028 A Queen’s Command
Van Gogh Award: Best Artist
American Android
dirty lemons

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