Holy Smokes Batman!!!!

Love me

Oh they do, Eric.  They seriously do…

You guys seriously rock the nomination ballots!!

We actually got through them all already.  This shocked us too.  Thanks to all that sent in information to me, it helped.  And that whole mention to my own readers of being well read in the fandom helping?  Oh my.  It really does!!!!

But we have an issue.  You know that top ten idea we had to make sure you weren’t overwhelmed?  Well it seems we have alot of ties to fill in the last of the fields.  We talked about it ourselves, and since one or more of us are often in the category, we decided to allow you guys to make that decision.  It is only fair.

So what our wonderful 4Padfoot is doing right now is putting together a vote for you guys to decide who will be filling in the blanks we have now. Call it the Wild Card vote….  We wanted to give you a heads up, since this will only be up for about two days.  Like the rest of the day it is posted and the following day.  That is it.  We have our own work to be doing on the back end, and would like to have a chance to allow the nominees who are to be involved this year a chance to know before the big vote.

Thanks to all of you, without you, there would be no awards, since, as authors, if we didn’t write, there would be nothing to read, as readers, there would be no one to read the works, and those who took time out to nominate your favorites, or there would be no awards for us to put together.  Look for a post here soon to be able to add your vote in for the finals!!!!!


The Authority

14 thoughts on “Holy Smokes Batman!!!!

    • We have ten spots for each category, the most nominated stories that qualified went in, the rest are tied for the remaining spots. We are letting you guys determine those last open spots. So if a category had 8 clear votes, we are letting you determine those last 2 spots from the ones that were tied for that spot. That can be 3 or more entries. This way there will only be ten entries for each category.

  1. I can’t believe you got them all counted already! You ladies are all amazing with your magical powers! 🙂

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