Let me tell you a story . . .

Last year, a group of us were sitting in Kittyinaz’s Facebook group waiting for the Fanfic Fanatics (or whatever they are called; sorry but I’m horrible at keeping names straight) winners to be announced. It seemed like every award was won by a Twilight story with the exception of the categories that were fandom specific. It seemed so sad that all these wonderful authors who wrote all these wonderful stories in the TB/SVM fandom were shut out of the awards because of sparkly vampires. (Sorry Twilight fans, but vampires should never, ever sparkle!)

As a joke, MistressJessica1028 suggested that we start our own awards. And it snowballed from there. Five women, Magsmacdonald, MistressJessica1028, Kittyinaz, 4Padfoot, and Gyllene, worked very hard to create the awards categories, banners, website, etc. Hours upon hours of work went into just setting up the damn things. To be fair and try to get everyone, old and new, acknowledged in the awards, we allowed ALL stories from the beginning of the fandom to May 1, 2014, to be considered for entry. There were 27 categories people could nominate for. And do you want to know something?

We absolutely fucking killed ourselves last year!  We had to verify over a THOUSAND nominees. An entire weekend was spent working on the verification process alone. And to be honest, it wasn’t easy. People didn’t understand some of the categories, and we realized we weren’t clear on some things. But we had never done this before; we were learning. Plus they didn’t fill out the nomination forms completely so we had to go hunting for stories.

The winners were announced and we brainstormed on ideas to make things better. We listened to the fans that asked us to streamline the categories, since you said the nomination and voting process were too involved.

Skip forward a year.  In April, we started discussing the awards. Magsmacdonald and MistressJessica1028 said they were stepping back due to real life obligations. Based on last year’s suggestions, we trimmed the number of categories down from 27 to under 20, getting rid of the ones that were too difficult to verify. We also trimmed down the timing for stories, limiting them to stories started or updated after May 1, 2014. Another thing we did was say that if the ballot wasn’t completely filled out, we were disqualifying the entry.  The reason for that was to make the verification process easier on us. Sorry, but sometimes that does have to factor into all of this: our time and effort.

So nominations opened. You wanna know something?

We had a whooping 47 nomination forms.

Talk about disappointing.

Each category was only to have 10 nominees, again to make the verification process easier. When there were ties among all the nominees, we put it up to the voters to decide who would make it out of the wild card round.  The Authority had NOTHING to do with who made it in and who did not. And before you ask, we each voted once in the wild card round, and once in the actual voting. Could we have voted more? Sure. Did we? No, because we had other things on our minds.  Have other people voted more than once? Probably. Do we care? Not really, because that means that the readers are passionate about the stories they love.

We’ve heard that the awards are skewed to favor The Authority. To be clear, the only person that knows what’s going on with the voting is 4Padfoot because she created the poll for voting and she is the website adminstrator; she isn’t an author.  MistressJessica1028 had 6 nominations, Kittyinaz had 3, and Gyllene had the most of the active Authority members with 15. Do you want to know why Gyllene and Meridian had the most nominations this time around?

It’s because they sent out a reminder in one of their posts saying which stories were available to be considered.  But they weren’t the only authors to do that.

That’s like when films starting campaigning for an Academy Award.  It’s not right; it’s not wrong; it is what it is.

So to recap, we only had 47 nomination forms, yet we’ve had over 30,000 votes. Again, the only one that has seen what is happening in voting is 4Padfoot.

As of now, voting is closed. We are debating whether to announce the winners or not, because all the negativity surrounding the awards has disheartened all of us. We have spent hours trying to bring these awards to you, to make them what YOU, the readers, wanted. I know of only one group of people who asked questions about the awards, and to be honest, it didn’t go so well. Personality conflicts on both sides; it happens.  But no one approached me personally to ask questions about the awards. I’m only learning today of people approaching Kittyinaz, and that is to tell her of a specific rant about the awards.  We are not naming names, because that is petty, but this is what we have to say in response.

If you truly had issues with the awards, then we would have appreciated it if you had come to any members of The Authority with your concerns. It’s extremely frustrating to hear so much discrediting us when we have tried to make this as something to recognize the authors. We can’t help that the readers have their favorite authors. We had talked about excluding winners from last year in this year’s awards, but that created backlash as well because people suggested it wasn’t a truly fair competition if they couldn’t compete against everyone in the fandom.

We can’t please everyone, though we have tried to do so, but it looks like we ended up failing abysmally.

We do not decide who wins and loses; we only post the winners that you the fans decide on.  If you don’t like what the fans have to say, then we are sorry.  The awards are not mean to depress or discourage anyone. We’re sorry if you have let something that is supposed to be uplifting do that to you.

Lastly, we are human.  We make mistakes.  If we missed something, well we hoped that after our many checks, that you will look over them.  We had mentioned that we are human and for any input to be given to us.  We listened last year to the complaints, and worked to make these better for you.  Instead of coming to us and telling us what the issues are, we instead find out from anonymous people who stepped forward to let us know of the complaints.  We had no idea they were being aired.

Based on our experience this year, we are seriously considering not hosting the awards next year. We will think long and hard before we do.  Why do something that people are treating negatively? It was meant to be fun, and this shit isn’t fun.


The Authority

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  1. I was so upset to hear of the flack you have had to endure to bring us these awards. I, for one, love to be part of this and read everything, often for the second or third time and vote every day. From where I sit you do a fabulous job and I am grateful for the effort you all put in. I think the number of votes speak for themselves and that the readers are behind you 100%. No matter what you do in life there is always someone to knock your efforts and then there are the decent people. You know the drum, the silent majority count, not the few morons. I applaud and appreciate this forum and sincerely hope you find it in yourselves to forgive the dickheads and do it again next year. Game on!!! J xx

  2. Wow guys I’m so disappointed in your response. Instead of seeing my post for what it was, a way to initiate a discussion about something we knew would be pointy and might not go so well, you decided to just give it all up.

    I’m sorry too for even had tried to help the community by trying to show you a different side of the story many of us felt.

    I personally didn’t go to you guys because I dont know any of you. And really if this is your reaponse to a collective thought, im glad i didnt do it alone.
    and you can use my name and play the blame game I don’t give a shit at this point

    That’s what I get to try to help a community I care about.


    I’ll go back in my hole now, godforbid I say anything else, fanfiction might shutdown

    • For one thing, it was not just you, but thanks for making it about you. Good to know you are willing to step up.

      The second, we pour hours into this awards. And everyone knows they can approach me. In fact there was a PM I just read from you about this, so you know you can approach me.

      When some people stepped forward to inform me about the issues, it was not that there were issues, it was the way it was handled. We were being told that people are mad, and sent the links to show us what was going on.

      I was highly confused when people were apologizing to me, since I had no idea what was going on. I literally have no time to read the 100 updates in my inbox, and have just reblogged the stories from the wordpress sites. SO I have been reblogging, and then going back to work on things like this award, my rec database and stories.

      Then I was so hurt by the accusations that we rigged the awards. Shoot, I didn’t know I got nominations until the notice went out.

      We never heard of any of these concerns until two days before the awards were to be finished. We were minding our own business, happy that people were being honored for the work they do int he fandom, thinking there were no issues with the awards.

      And then we are smacked with this. I will admit I felt like crying. WE had the people vote on all of it, and yet people are accusing us of other things.

      I don’t blame the ladies. I don’t feel like doing anything, much less worry about these right now. I feel so disheartened by it all that I am seriously thinking of walking away from it all for awhile.

      Next time, instead of complaining out in the void, why don’t you bring it to us, and this could have been avoided. When you fling mud, it hurts, and not coming to us to talk to any of us about it was flinging mud. And as one of the people who work hard, and tlakign with the others, we are hurt.. badly.

      • Trust me Wendy there won’t be a next time

        And yes I’ll make it about me since I’m the one who voice the opinion and started this shit show in the first place

        I’m beyond disappointed by this behavior. I did not air anything out I was asking questions because I felt alone but turns out I wasn’t

        One thing you guys did achieve is show you can’t take criticism no matter how it is delivered and no.mayter how positive it is.

        I’m out

      • I’m sorry you think that. Truly.

        I can tell that I am not ashamed I was so hurt that I walked away with tears in my eyes. It was not and again I repeat so you can fully understand, NOT the fact there were questions. WE would have sat down and spoke about your concerns. It was that no one said anything, and people were not talking to us. It was the accusations we lined the nominations.

        But I am done. I am being pulled from my computer by my friends, who care that I am in tears now. My admin has already blocked me from my sites, so I bid you adieu. When you can take beign this hurt and deal with it well, you are more than free to take this over next year.

        -Out for who knows how long. My health doesn’t need this anymore.

    • Dear Lord! Get over yourself! A lot of people have read your post and think the same thing. Jealousy is a waste of energy. Try being a good sport and congratulating these women. Instead of sending such hateful vibes. It’s clear you’re just wanting attention. Well sweetheart this is the wrong kind. You happen to be messing with a few friends of mine and I’m not down with that. We’ve all had our moments of feeling down about not being nominated or voted for certain things. But the way to go about it is a nice handshake to those that made it. Rather than bringing in the violin, cheese, and ‘whine’.

  3. Wow guys, I’m so sorry all your hard worked is being torn to shreds. These types of awards always lead me to new authors and to reading stories I normally wouldn’t. I look forward to them each year. Its always great fun but you’re right, when it stops being fun its time to stop.

    You all are awesome and whether or not you host the awards again know that many of us still love, follow and support you!

  4. I am so sorry. I didn’t know this was going to be the response to the blog post from yesterday (in which I was the first to reblog).

    Way to go me. -_-

    I apologize for my part in this….

    I adore Fan-fiction, I love this fandom and the author’s creativity with their stories and of course the You Want Blood Awards. You all work so hard to make this happen in your busy lives and some of us (including me) are expressing our opinions about a few minor imperfections.

    And now because of my and other’s opinions there might be a chance we’re losing something awesome. And then some more.


    • Here is what I need to understand. What specifically are the issues that you (I’m using that as a collective) want addressed?

      I get there is an issue with the unlimited voting. Ok, that could have been rectified if someone had said something earlier. But what else are the issues? I am happy to have an open dialogue to fix the problems, but I need to know what they are!!!!

      • The only problem here is the nominations and the winners. They’re the same people from last year (well, most of them). There are barely any new writers, but then, you only had 47 nominations so I could see how the same people got nominated again.

        What I’m saying is next year (if there is a next year), That One: new people should be nominated in the chosen categories of the awards each year. Two: the readers should also only vote once. Three: Anyone is who nominated in any category should not be allowed to vote period.

        That’s all I could come up with.

        Again, I do not mean any ill will. My opinion was not intended to piss anyone off or cause trouble. So I’m sorry that it did. I’m not sure if I’m making things better or worse. I just hope something works out and everyone is happy.

  5. I want you all to know I’ve had more reads in the last week than my entire run on WordPress so far, and I owe that entirely to your hard work and colossal efforts that facilitated a nomination and an influx of interest. I know that has to be true for other writers as well. You’ve created awareness for writers in the SVM verse and it makes a difference to us.

    While the negativity of some is ridiculous and hurtful when you ladies are not only volunteering massive amounts of time out of your very real lives to make this happen but are real PEOPLE with very real feelings, I would like you to know that as an unknown writer and quite a shy person, the fact that you’ve taken the time to do this at all has made a big difference to me. I lack confidence. Publishing at all was a huge step out of my comfort zone. The nomination has been huge for me because I often feel like I’m always on the cusp of giving it up entirely and this last week I’ve had the opportunity to feel a bit special. I’m not popular on other FF sites, my work is low profile like me, the nomination was a shock and I’ve never cared about winning anything. I care that people are reading it now. I care that even one person (other than myself) thinks I’ve got potential. That wouldn’t have been possible unless you’d worked as hard as you have.

    So, thank you. Just, thank you. Please know that even if you decide it isn’t something you’d want to take on again, you made a difference to me.

  6. I can’t believe people are getting on your case about these awards! They are so much fun and such a great opportunity for us fans to show our appreciation to the very deserved writers. It saddens me that some people are so petty and ignorant to ruin it for everyone else.
    I hope you do continue these awards, I will continue to nominate and vote if you do.
    Personally I think you ladies do a wonderful job! Hats off to all of you.

  7. Wow…. just wow. I know how incredibly hard you wonderful ladies worked to make the awards possible and I think it’s a shame that it has come to this. 47 nomination forms? That is very disappointing. I don’t know exactly what the backlash was about, but I think if people did have any issues they should have informed you guys immediately and directly. Isn’t that what adults are supposed to do?

    Personally, I never viewed the awards as discouraging. To me, they are a way to honor the favorite writers and their stories in this fandom. And if you’re writing in order to win awards or gain recognition than you are writing for the wrong reasons < But that’s just my humble opinion.

    Also, if by the off chance people are upset that the members of the Authority received so many nommies and votes then they have obvioulsy not read their stories. These women are amazing story tellers who only wanted to do something nice and generous for our community by creating, hosting and maintaining this event and it truly is a shame that a handful of people have dishearten them to a point of quitting. I think our fandom as a whole suffers due to their negativity < again, just my humble opinoin 🙂

    Since when did this fandom of ours become so negative? Maybe I’m just naive, but I always thought we were part of a kick ass community that supported one another. I hope I’m not wrong.

    Thank you for all your hard work 4padfoot, Gyllene, Kittyinaz, Magsmacdonald and MistressJessica1028 for all the hard word you’ve put into the 2014 & 2015 awards. You ladies will always be fantastic in my book xo

  8. I’m sad about this because frankly, the last thing we needed was dissension in the ranks of this fandom. I never vote for things because frankly, its just not in my nature. I just tend to rally against things like that. but thats just me. my biggest issue has been with the unlimited voting, and frankly, while you can’t help the things that are nominated, there were repeats, and the parameters could have been more stringent. if i had my way, everyone who has had the balls to publish something this year deserves recognition, but that’s not the world we live in (maybe thats why i hate awards?)

    but by the same token, you all are free to do whatever the hell you want. if you want to play stuff the ballots, maybe you can make something fun of it. maybe attach it to a cause?

    or hell, maybe you can just make sure everyone that published a new story between 5/14 and now gets a funky banner.

    but then again, i’ve always been an observer. i don’t get involved, but i admire all of you ladies, especially the ones that are still finding their footing. I only just got involved with a group of readers, and its a bit of a shock to the system, but i’m always reminded of how awesome the ladies here can be.

    ALL of you ladies deserve praise. sometimes we don’t support popular causes…sometimes those causes don’t pan out the way we thought they would.

    • Estrella, we get the unlimited voting is an issue; duly noted. I don’t know how to be more stringent when it comes to the nominations because those were all decided by the readers. Would it be better to have an author in a category only once? But then how would you narrow it down if an author has two stories in the same category?

      So let me ask this, even if it was restricted voting, would people still be upset if Popular Author A won over Not So Popular Author B? Even the Academy Awards do not restrict previous winners from winning again.

      I’m just trying to wrap my head around everything….make sure I see all sides.

  9. Wow, What the *bleep just happened?
    I have to say I’m more than confused here, I have NO clue as to why people would have a problem with the way you guys have conducted yourself so far.

  10. I’m too upset to say much but I want to thank all of you for your kind words. It truly means a lot to us. IF the awards continue on, I will not be a part of it. Not after all the ugliness that I’ve read and heard today. I’m sorry.

    • You have no reason to apologize. I’m just so sorry that after all your hard work that it has come down to this. However, I think many of us understand why you won’t be continuing the awards next year. Sending you all my love xo

  11. wow! i am ashamed to say that i am completely oblivious to what is going on. i didn’t know y’all are having some problems with the awards. maybe because i have always enjoyed Fanfic awards. and even though most of the times the stories i voted for didn’t win, that never bothered me because all the stories are just freaking awesome.

    and even though i have lost all the inspiration to write, thanks to some fanfiction.net holly rollers *sic*, doesn’t mean i want other writers to feel the same way. and that includes organizing and participating in fanfiction awards such as this. i’ve always been a big supporter and i hope this will continue for may years to come.

    hang in there guys. if it means anything, you have my support. 🙂

  12. As I understand it some people think that the nominations were rigged in favor of the sponsors. As a long time reader of FF I like to think that I know a lot of TB/SVM stories that are out there. However, each awards season I am surprised because due to the awards I always find more. Have the people who are upset considered that this year’s awards are different from all the previous? Th I s year we have no new books or show to inspire new people into fandom. So far this year several long time authors have told us they are moving on. We are left with a smaller group of people putting out new material. We are fortunate that several of them are very prolific and this helps ease the sting of a rapidly shrinking fandom. I did notice that some of my personal favorites were not on the list this time but I think this comes with these changes. My feelings in the matter are that if someone feels slighted or left out then get out there and write something. Not every writer can be expected to have well organized web sites with multiple betas helping get out multiple stories. But you can certainly produce a quality product that readers will be happy to wait for. Perfect examples . . . Morgaine Swan, Texan Lady, & Carroll E. Stewart. So instead of being whiney and criticizing people who are tryjng to do good why don’t you focus on being good storytellers and readers. Support a dwindling fandom. Bring new people in. Stop treating this like it is a popularity contest. Most of us are out of high school. I want to read about E/S HEA’s, Bill getting staked/punked, awesome AH stories, another take on how they got a baby, or the even rarer something so original and different that I just tingle with anticipation to read it. Not who did or didn’t get a prize. I appreciate the work these people have done. Why can’t all of you??????

  13. The Viking Trubie, it won’t let me comment in response to what you wrote.

    The poll is created using WordPress; we cannot exclude the nominees from voting. Again, the Academy Awards allow the nominees to vote as long as they are part of the academy.

    As for having new people in the categories every year, that wasn’t up to us. It was the readers that decided, and the nomination forms could only be filled out once. I hate to keep harping on the Academy Awards, but I look to them as a model. Meryl Streep has been nominated something like 17 times, sometimes several years in a row. Why penalize an author because they are that good at what they do?

    I can see restricting the stories to those that are only started within the time frame. It’s something we never considered. We were more focused on making sure the authors updated within a certain period of time. We thought that would keep it more fresh, more relevant. But I can see the other point of view too.

  14. I think this nonsense should stop… I usually don’t like to get in the midst of drama but I blew my top and was way more opinionated than I should have been when I replied to zofya’s post…and I apologized to Jessica who I have always respected. people say things… stuff happens. But at the end of the day… we are all human beings and all of this only serves to hurt each other… Wendy is upset… Zofya is upset… other people are hurt… it isn’t worth it. This is a hobby, something we do to relax after work… whether it be those of us who write or those of us who read. I love wendy, I love Jessica… I don’t know the other people on the staff… I love Zofya as well. In my book they are good people. I do agree with Zofya on her post in a couple of aspects and some other things said by other people, many of who were not writers, simply readers. Now it is very sad that Zofya has already gotten threats from people calling her vindictive and jelous and that she doesn’t know how to write. Really? Hate mail as a result of this post? It sickens me. So now I have one friend upset and in tears on one side and I have others on the other who are hurt and disheartened.

    I know that it is a lot of work to be put into these awards and also a stressful time. These complaints had NOTHING to do about not winning…at least I don’t think they did from the majority of people and there is no denying that the handful of people that dominated the ballots are brilliant writers. I myself had 3 nominations and I was very pleased about that when I heard the news. I was the one or one of the ones who approached Wendy and told her of the complaints that have been aired and directed her to the post that I myself complained on… More specifically I directed her to a particular reply to that post which I thought was very tactful, diplomatic, and well laid out addressing the complaints in question. Those are the complaints plain and simple…

    1. unlimited voting makes the awards meaningless. 30,000 votes? that is stuffing the ballet. Voting should be limited, maybe even only 1 per person, ever.
    2. Cap on nominee’s so more writers can be recognized. Take one author can be in a catagory… which ever story got the most noms.
    3. Stories who won last year cant win this year

    I don’t think these complaints are unreasonable and I hope the YWBA panel will consider them. But if you don’t, in the end, it’s your deal.

    I had hoped that by talking to Wendy, who I consider a friend, it would serve to make the awards better next year so there wasn’t so much grumbling and disheartened from writers but regretfully instead of the intended purpose the awards are possibly going to be shut down and never done again. That is a shame and a missed opportunity to improve what could be a fun filled event that we all look forward to.

    • Thank you my dear.

      Look people are upset on both sides, OK I get that. I’m not upset. I’m befuddled. If there were concerns or issues then why didn’t anyone say anything earlier?!?!?! THAT is what I don’t understand. We can’t fix things if we don’t know there is a problem.

      I don’t want this to be the end of the awards, but it has left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth.

      • There were two concerns posted last Friday already. When Wendy posted the link to voting being open on the svm/tb library on facebook two replies indicated that there were concerns. I’m not sure if they were ignored or viewed as isolated opinions or maybe just missed with busy lives, but they were there before zofyas post.

      • I truly do not have time to go through each group and read everything. I mostly stay out of them and that’s probably why I’ve been blindsided tonight. Tonight was the first I’ve heard about any complaints when I was directed to a post with many negative comments about the awards.

      • I get that, but this has escalated into something it never should have. None of us are monsters; I’ve listened to everything said in this post with one exception. I can see the points on all sides. We made a mistake with the unlimited voting, which by the way, it’s 30,000 votes spread across all the categories, not 30,000 individuals having voted.

        There are things we can try to do, but things we can’t because of limitations in the software we use. It’s a free WordPress site; can’t prevent the nominees from voting.

        At this point though, I’m strongly leaning towards not doing this again because it is such a time commitment and you can’t please everyone.

      • My point is that the concerns were out there for you to see. Facebook gives notifications when someone likes or replies to your post and when time is taken to like every other reply or post to a group it makes me wonder why these replies were ignored.

      • Suzymeinen, I’m sorry. I get over a 100 plus notifications when I go to bed. I check my stuff as much as possible, but if I’m gone for longer than night time, like I have to grocery shopping and such, that list grows even more.

        I try to keep up with things. I really do, but sometimes my very human eyes overlook a green response in all the other stuff. My group knows this, and often will tag me since that goes to my email and I check it there. I thought I had even checked all the groups, but sometimes messages get moved down. The only place I check absolutely everything is my group. And even then, if I e been gone a weekend, I miss stuff. I’m so sorry, but I’m human. Even paring down my friend list didn’t do much.

        I’m very active on Facebook. I share ALOT of stuff on my wall as anyone knows me. I like to share funny things. So my hubby and his friends have a laugh at work. Or maybe one if my ladies has a bad day.

        So I’m sorry I missed it, but if it had not been liked by me, which is my way of saying I read it, please pm me or tag me. I missed some authors who tried to help with the database. And I truly was trying to look for replies for that reason…

      • None of us saw these concerns. If it was posted in a Facebook group other than the awards group, it should have had one of our names tagged on it to get our attention. I personally try to stay off Facebook as much as possible other than when people comment directly to me. Facebook sucks you in and doesn’t let go. That’s why I dropped out of several beta chats as well as other groups.

        If questions were asked and weren’t addressed, we are sorry, but until last evening we had NO knowledge of any issues.

        As for all of this, there is no right or wrong answer; there are only opinions and feelings and everyone is a little too raw to discuss this rationally. I’m not commenting on either side of where I stand on this other than to say I’m befuddled by the miscommunication, because frankly, that is all this is.

  15. I’d like to take a moment and say something if I may. My name is Rissa and I’m not a writer, but I am a crazy reader and obsessive fanfic fan!! I am so sorry to see things come to this, I look forward to these awards because it gives me a chance to go find new writers to follow, new blood so to speak, this makes me thrilled!! I have a hard time with some of what’s been said, whether or not it’s meant in a negative way. I happen to be friends with these ladies!! They worked very hard, sacrificing time with their families to host this for our community!! It’s a chance to celebrate the amazing writers who put their time and energy into creating worlds that we can get lost in!! And I would like to thank them for their efforts, and say that these ladies are fantastic!!! I hope that the awards continue, and that the fallout from this doesn’t leave our beloved fandom suffering and on life support!!

  16. Thank you YWB Awards for the job that you do. From what I understand, you ladies have worked your asses off to do this for the fandom. You guys shouldn’t feel bad, hurt, or even insulted, however, simply because a couple of individuals are serving sour grapes instead of congratulations. I can’t understand why any writer would blame the Awards for that writer’s readers not filling out a nomination form for them. That’s like being angry with a piece of paper because you didn’t do as well on a test as you wanted.

    While I do feel badly for the writers who either weren’t nominated or who didn’t make it past the run-off vote, the fact remains that this is not a kindergarten classroom and not all who are involved in the fanfic world will get a sticker for participating. These Awards, as I understand it, are for readers to celebrate the writers, betas, and banner makers WHO ARE NOMINATED BY THOSE READERS.

    It’s up to the reading public to nominate who THEY choose to nominate.

    I repeat: It’s up to the reading public to nominate who THEY choose to nominate.


    How is it in any way the fault of the Awards if someone’s readers didn’t nominate them?

    The nomination forms are open for ANY reader to fill out to nominate ANY writer, beta, and banner maker that THEY want. So, bluntly, if you were nominated, thank your readers. If you were not nominated, THANK YOUR READERS.

    Do the same people tend to be nominated year after year? Sure. Know why? They’re great writers! And in all honesty this IS a popularity contest – the popularity of the STORIES in their categories and the popularity of the writers’ TALENT in the EIM and New Kid categories. Of course it’s a popularity contest, but despite all evidence currently to the contrary, we are in neither kindergarten nor high school, so it’s not based on “who likes whom best” – I have never met any of y’all in person and I am highly unlikely to do so. However, I adore some of your STORIES, so naturally I’m going to vote for the stories that I adore and the writers’ talents that I adore. Why would I vote for stories and talents that I don’t like?

    Can we save the drama and the angst for the fics – there *are* categories for that, right? If you don’t want to participate in something meant solely to celebrate and acknowledge the talent of writers, betas, and banner makers, then don’t. If you do want to participate in something meant solely to celebrate and acknowledge that talent, then do.

    Our fandom is already dying a quick, painful death, and blaming an Awards group is a great way to help kill it off faster. It’s certainly not their fault if a writer’s readers didn’t fill out a simple form to nominate said writer. Thanks, guys.

      • Thank you, Virala.
        All this to-do over what is meant as a celebration and acknowledgment has left a bitter taste in far too many mouths. (I’m still wondering how I somehow seem to have acquired the amazing superpower of being able to, what, rig nominations, or was it votes? I must do some fascinating things in my sleep…too bad it’s nothing that saves lives, countries, or my stock investments. *eyeroll*)

        What is most distressing, however, is that the vitriol of a discontented few will most likely negatively affect the whole fandom, and that’s not fair. We have some amazing and talented writers who sweat blood producing some brilliant works – you included, by the way! – and I don’t want to see our fandom suffocate under this foul miasma.

  17. Hey everyone,

    This whole thing has gotten out of hand, to say the least. Whatever Zoyfa’s post started as, I think it is plain to see that she comes across as vindictive. Weather or not she meant to, that is how it reads. To me. And to many others.

    Instead of re-hashing what many of you have already said. I’ll say this, the ladies of the Authority have my support. I admire their dedication to write, post, and keep this fandom rolling along. And it will. I hope that the damage done tonight can be healed. It is easy to get caught up in the negative. I can’t stress enough to each of you to stay away from that nonsense. It will suck you into a cynical place and you really will feel like there is nothing good to write or read about.

    You all are smart, strong women. I don’t want to see this fandom to fade into the night. I want to write and read and laugh. Isn’t that what we are doing here? Where is the love?

    Thank you

    • Excuse me? To you and many readers? Funny none of you spoke up.

      And the post was not vindictive, what a horrible thing to say.

      Here everyone make up your own mind instead of listening to others

      th that being said, I am going to address the elephant in the room. The hush hush no one wants to talk about because it is supposed to be good for the community. Something that might get me some hate mail and disapproval but what is the point of writing if you feel you can’t express your opinion?

      I want to have a a heart to heart with all the authors who did not get to be nominated by the ‘’You Want Blood Awards’’. Yes you, who feels like you are a shit author. I know how you feel. I know how you wonder if you are good enough. I know you think you are not, you think people don’t love your stories and that maybe you should just simply stop writing. I know how sad you got when you opened the nomination page and didn’t see your name there. I know how you lost your will to write because of your disappointment. I understand you don’t write for others but at the same time you do and now you feel you shouldn’t because if you are not good enough to be even just nominated, maybe you are not good at all. I know you feel as if you shouldn’t be jealous or envious of these authors and you should just be happy for them but you are having a hard time or simply can’t. I know how you are forgetting every single positive review you got because of it and you know it too. I know how you wonder, and are just plain sad that you are didn’t get recognized for something you love so much and are so proud of. I know you feel you don’t have any more self confidence because you think, if the community didn’t nominate me, does it mean they don,t care about my stories?

      I GET IT, because that is how I feel too.

      The Awards were presented to the community as something positive, but unfortunately I do not think that is what it is achieving. Why? I am not sure. Is it because of the categories? Maybe we need more? One category for new comers, is that really enough? or is it because it is always the same people that are nominated? Does it really mean the others are not good enough? or maybe is there a problem with the way the nominations are made? Do we need a list where authors could enter their names to be considered for nominations that way no one is in the shadows? Do we need a panel of authority who would NOT be considered for nominations? Think about it, if I go on the page to nominate authors and all I see is the panel, would it not make sense they would get the most nominations. Some of them are in almost every category! Or maybe authors who won, one year cannot be nominated the next? Maybe authors could only be nominated for one category only?Maybe there is a better way to promote it? Or promote yourself?

      There will always be winners and losers, but unlike a contest, where I chose to enter or not, Awards are a different beast. You don’t get to choose whether you participate or not. It is solely based on popularity and just like the rich gets richer, it’s the same when it gets to popularity, the more popular you are, the more people will check you out and your popularity will grow. It makes it extremely difficult for smaller authors to be recognized for their own work.

      Does that mean I think people who were nominated don’t deserve it? HECK NO. Every single one of these ladies have great work and sure they deserve it, I guess what i am saying though is they also have popularity and a ton of followers.

      Sure no one is responsible for how authors feel and if they stop writing it’s no one’s fault. But if this is really meant to be positive for the community, is this really what we want? Reward the ones who are already recognized and leave everyone else in the shadows?
      Maybe I am just a shit author who doesn’t deserve any nominations, fair enough, but is it really the purpose of this, make us realize it and maybe stop writing?

      I don’t have the answers, just wonders but I can’t help to think there is got to be a better way to do this? Is it really what we want to achieve, leaving authors behind wondering if they are truly shit authors or just out of luck?

      p.s if you think this is jealousy or envy, that’s fine. It was at first but I did try to be logical about it and I am just sorry I failed to convey it if you still feel it is.

  18. Reblogged this on SVM & TB Stories and commented:
    It seems I lied in my post the other day because I am posting more on this subject. For once I’m not sorry because this IS an issue in my eyes.
    Here is a quote from what MistressJessica1028 said in this post, “As of now, voting is closed. We are debating whether to announce the winners or not, because all the negativity surrounding the awards has disheartened all of us. ”
    I am sorry to hear this..
    It’s a sad state of affairs when sparkly vampires, and that series didn’t end much better than the SVM/TB series did (I have NOT read it), still has plenty of authors writing stories and it ended in 2005 with three more that ended in 2008.
    SVM started in 2001 and ended in 2013.
    The Authority is thinking of NOT announcing the winners and NOT continuing next year, especially since they only had a whopping 47 (FORTY-SEVEN!!!!!) nomination forms submitted!
    Now I know there are more than 47 readers in this fandom, even without the Witch Hunt known as fanfiction dot net, so why did the rest of them not make their voice heard then, when it counted the most?
    If the authors who wanted their stories or specialists nominated didn’t even bother to put forth their own nominations form they have absolutely no room for complaint. If the readers who wanted certain stories or specialists nominated didn’t put forth their own nomination form they have no room for complaint either.
    I think the YBA Authority deserves an award. It should be called the Gave It Our Best Shot Award.
    MistressJessica1028, 4padfoot, Gyllene, magsmacdonald and Kittyinaz deserve our kudos. A HUGE one! They are human, not robots, not artificial intelligences, not computers. HUMAN. They have spent many hours, both last year and this year, putting together what I think is an awesome thing. They put time aside from their own lives, their own writing, their own hobbies. They work through illness. They work through controversy. For what?
    Apparently nothing since the neigh sayers didn’t even bother to approach them, for the most part, with any issues they were having with the awards this year.
    Without looking at my own stats sheet I can tell you that I have more than 200 followers and most of them are because of the SVM/TB fandom yet the YBA didn’t even get a third of that in nominations! They got slightly more than 20 per cent! That’s absolutely ridiculous!!!!
    After looking at my stats page I have 270 followers (an awesome number considering what I do here so thank you, all of you!) so they had only 17 per cent! That is absolutely abysmal! No wonder they’re disheartened!
    If The Authority decides this is syonara (sorry if I spelled that incorrectly) I say happy trails and please continue the awesome work you all do behind the scenes, and in front of the pen/paper/computer screen. You have done an awesome job considering what you apparently had to work with.
    If you continue I say kudos and I hope the next time has a MUCH better showing.

  19. I mentioned to my Robin yesterday that I hoped this was all a tempest in a teapot. But it has not blown by.

    E-communication is a dangerous thing. It is imperfect. You miss the nuance of what is said and soft requests can come across as shouting.

    This contest was put together for all good reasons and kudos to everyone involved because it has been so successful that everyone wants to be part of it. That’s a success where I come from. I wasn’t clear that its purpose was mostly popularity of work but I’m new to this community. Perfectly legitimate reason to run a contest and its doing a great job. I know the kind of personal commitment running one of these ventures entails and I salute you for volunteering to give up the kind of time that it takes. There are doers and talkers. Doing is never easy. I thank you for offering to be a doer.

    There are others – friends who write in this community (which isn’t all that large) who thought the purpose was other. It was a misunderstanding. A lessons learned for next time.

    The information here says that there was at least one discussion early on this year about the rules and concerns about the rules with other people in this community. It didn’t resolve things because of ‘personality’. Opportunity lost. My mother used to make me sit at a table with my friends when we fought and we couldn’t leave until we worked it out. Its because she knew that letting fights simmer never did any good.

    Everyone involved in this has some piece of right. Of course we don’t all agree on everything. That would make us all the same and what a boring place the world would become if that was the case. Could you imagine? We would all write the exact same story over and over again.

    I don’t think anything I’ve read (and I’ve read way too much of this and not enough fiction in the past twenty-four hours) marks anyone involved as a bad person or a bad writer or someone who was purposely looking to hurt.

    It does show the unfortunate downside of how misunderstandings can snowball into hurt feelings.

    I apologize it anything I have said or posted has bruised someone. It was certainly inadvertent. I hope that in the light of day everyone can remember that this was supposed to be fun. We are united in a common purpose. We are creative – goddesses (and the occasional god) in our ability to see the world in a new and different way and to share that vision with others. Your talents (your lights) are too valuable to be wasted.

  20. I’m confused. You wonderful ladies took the time out of real life, and writing fantastic stories for us all to read, to put together these awards (this takes an incredible amount of time and energy, I know from previous endeavours), all credit and kudos to you all.

    The limited amount of nominations is a reflection, to me, on those who wish to be active in the community. My scale is the amount of hits or reads a story get as opposed to the reaction/reviews the same story receives. Mind you I only started writing after being inspired by your wonderful work. I wouldn’t think of voting for myself, that’s just silly (plus I consider it unethical to nominate or vote for myself in a contest of this nature), its about the work new or updated in the community since May 2014. It’s quite easy to sit back and watch then when further information is released, such as those successfully nominated for an award, start to query the guidelines. The guidelines were posted in a timely manner prior to the nominations being opened. The time to lobby for your story or banner to be included closed when the nominations closed. There was more than enough reminders posted in the community that the contest was open.

    To have people now have a problem once nominations were closed and voting opened for each category confuses me. If the contest isn’t run by the community, who will undertake doing so? The big award contests are run by their own communities to publicise and generate interest in that particular community. This is being done on a smaller scale by people dedicated to the SVM/TB fandom, our community. They should be congratulated and praised!! 🙂

    Is this community going to self destruct due to infighting? I hope not. I adore reading about Eric Northman, Sookie Stackhouse and delight in the destruction of Bill (every single time, but hey, that’s just me :)). So please lets just support the fandom and work together.

  21. Reblogged this on Miss Alice Unsub and commented:
    I was nominated for this (great! More than I expected, considering I’ve only just started posting my first story), and to now read this…I can understand the frustration, the disheartened feelings. I can understand why you all wouldn’t want to organize this again next year. I love the idea of these Awards, I appreciate and am awed by the effort all the ladies put in this, but I understand their feelings on this matter.

    I voted. I know I didn’t nominate many, and I apologize for that, but still. This idea of Awards is amazing. Maybe take a year off, rethink the whole system. I would be available for help if you want it. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Maybe create a main contact point, one single e-mail where there are one or two ladies put on the e-mail to read the comments, and no one else. A couple of people that don’t have anything else to do with organizing the event, in order to apparently prevent accusations of cheating.

    But what I do know is that I would love to see this Award again next year. Maybe this version, or maybe you all will choose to reVamp it, I don’t know. This idea, this whole system, it is amazing.

    What some writers need to remember is that you do not need to WIN anything to be good. Just look at Leonardo DiCaprio. He ain’t got no damn Oscar, does he? Just because someone doesn’t have an Award, doesn’t mean they aren’t good. Yes, getting an Award will give you a good feeling. Not getting any Award ever will never make me stop writing though. If it does, you are writing for the wrong reasons.

    Peace out,

  22. I am very disheartened on this whole issue which I did not even hear about until late last night. I am not a writer I am a reader and sometimes a wanna be bannermaker and video maker and I applaud anyone who takes their blood, sweat, tears and turn it into a creative outlet for others to read and enjoy for free. So first to every single writer out there. THANK YOU! And know that even though readers do not leave reviews as much as they should…You all inspire me to get out bed some days and go to work (with or without make up) to get to come home and escape into a wonderful world of fanfiction. These awards were created at a time when our fandom was slowly fading whether it be authors leaving us, from website culling, to shows not living up to how good they could have been and an author that left us reeling with her choices. We wanted to breathe life back into it. To get some new writers who would then get new stories. Then to find out 1 day before final voting was closing I was basically accused of only letting my “friends” get nominated (glad to know that I can control the freaking internet if so why do I live where I do) and stuffing voting boxes. That is an attack on me because as much as Kittyinaz, MistressJessica and Gyllene are involved. They don’t see Nomination forms. I do! They don’t see anything in voting except for final totals until the end when I post the winners in our group. Because I don’t want anyone blasting about how many votes or nominations or anything any one story gets. I built this website. I have gone back and checked no emails were sent to the awards email except for 1 two days before final voting was to close which our group addressed privately how to deal with. No PM or comment came thru our website or facebook page that wasn’t answered promptly with the person who asked the question thanking them for the clarification. We tried to do something good to breathe new life into the SVM/TB fandom and keep it alive and all it seems is people are blasting left and right how horrible we have done things. I personally will be taking some time to think and see what decisions I will make on whether or not I will continue on with these groups. I only hope that we can all come out of this a little stronger and hopefully all still together. Because we all know who actually brought us all together (That sexy Viking Vampire we all want to know and love!)

    Thanks for listening!
    Robin (aka 4padfoot)

  23. Some of you know me, some of you don’t and that’s alright. I do know that I am so confused by the Awards. It’s not for a lack of anything that the creators have done it’s simply because I am still new to the fandom and haven’t had a chance to sit down and try to understand what is going on.

    One thing I do know, awards are always a popularity contest. That’s fine. I don’t expect to be nominated and while while may sound odd, I don’t care. If I’m never nominated for an award ever it’s not a big deal. I write to make my readers happy, and myself, as I’m sure the lovely ladies like Wendy and Jessica do.

    That being said, while I am confused myself on the awards here (mostly in that I don’t really know enough of the writers to have sent in proper nominations and I don’t like to leave things have done) I think that the fact that they take the time to do this should be noted. IT’s hard to balance real life with something that is supposed to be our escape.

    So thank you all, to the readers, the writers, the Authority here that have banded together to create the awards. Keep letting your light shine, regardless of what is said. I am not taking sides, but thank you.

    You might not realize it but even the smallest amount of attention you can bring to something new, like for me the awards because I got to find more authors to read, means more than you will probably ever know. So thank you ladies and while you may not know me. If you ever need to just talk, you are welcome to always come to me. I’m always around in some form.

  24. I’m so sorry you had to go through this. I just feel lucky to be able to read all your stories. And I mean lucky, the time and effort writers put into their work. Again I feel lucky to read your ART. I’m so sorry you had negative reactions. All the work and effort put into this project. I think it is fun. I wish I could say something that would make you feel encouraged by this process and the gift you are providing. Just know that I am thankful.

  25. This is in response to Zoyfa’s recent comment.

    I can understand your feelings of frustration. You produced something and feel that you did not get any recognition for your hard work. We have all been there. However, the way you voiced your frustration has opened multiple cans of worms. I don’t bel I eve for one minute that anyone who ran the awards program was trying to stack the deck in tbeir favor. There were multiple posts since late March that the awards were coming. I subscribe to a lot of authors with WP sites and almost everyone was advertising it. I think that the small n u mber of nominations mentioned in other posts was part of the problem.
    The size of the fandom has shrunk. N ew stories are much harder to come by. I will also admit to being a reader who didn’t nominate anyone. I missed the deadline. Not because I didn’t care but because I was dealing with some serious real life issues. But I digress. Were you out there pushing people to vote? What did you do to get the message out and further your cause? Everyone who advertised the upcoming awards ended their posts with “you don’t have to vote for me, just vote”. These postings were done on WP sites that belong to people who were not part of the committee too. Certainly the lack of recognition hurts but to take a dump all over the organizers and the fandom does no one any good. You hurt yourself and everyone here. The fandom is shrinking and people will not participate in a group if they get flamed for decisions. Isn’t that why people started leaving
    FF.net? By the way, I did vote in the general election and it was not always for the most prolific authors and I would love to see the final results.

  26. I am truly sorry that small minded people have upset some of my favorite writers. I ;am one of the readers that was and is still upset with the way the books ended. I find that I can escape that dreadful ending and have my HEA with the Viking getting the girl in the end like it should be. I enjoy all the different variations of said HEA. I have even wrote my own (Not published though) HEA, not as easy as these ladies make it seem!! I will not hold any decisions to cancel and not award the winners or reveal them against the Authority. I did vote on the stories I had read and I found some I hadn’t read, to read. What you all do is amazing and I will hate to see the stories drop off and that is what I am afraid of. If a writer is dogged enough their muse will die, I will mourn if that happens. Let’s face it no one wants the Viking to go away!! I know this is rambling I just type my thoughts. I send love and hugs to all and hope you will absorb all the positive and let the negative roll off your backs and heal.

  27. aaaahhhhh, the Witch Hunter, terminator, and dementors finding themselves deprived of their ability to poison the authors of fanfiction on fanfictions.Net. While attempting to migrate to wordpress to suck the energy, life and magic of fanfiction. aaaahhh trolls.
    Do not be discouraged that’s what want, they are there for that. http://www.smiley-lol.com/smiley/loisirs/dehors/elmer.gif
    humor: s331.photobucket.com/user/Kingfisher97/media/PilgrimSmileyHunting.gif.html

  28. Wow, I can’t believe what an awful mess all of this has turned into! I will admit to responding to the original blog post, primarily to agree with another poster’s constructive suggestions (one vote per person, setting different time parameters for the stories, etc.), but now I wish I had never even replied because I don’t think it’s worth all of this nastiness and the hurt feelings.

    The long and the short of it for me is this…SVM/TB fanfiction is one of the main things that has gotten me through the past year of my life (reading, not writing.) Finding out that my husband of 14 years and the father of my children had ruined us financially, is a pathological liar, and most likely a sociopath, nearly derailed me, and it’s only the escape of reading fanfiction that has kept me from completely losing my mind at times. I have so many wonderful authors to thank for that, both the well-known and widely acclaimed ones, as well as the lesser-known ones. No award or contest of any kind is worth losing more authors from this already dying fandom, and I don’t want to see that happen.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that and I do know how fanfiction can be a haven to forget all of the crap that life gives us. It wasn’t the suggestions made by you that has upset us. It was the way it was done and that it was not brought to our attention before last night and the other ugly things that were said.

    • lostinspace33…if all of you had concerns, why didn’t you ask questions? That’s all I want to know.

      I don’t really care about opinions and hurt feelings because those are based on emotions. I want straight facts. Any concerns people had were only brought to our attention yesterday in a very negative light. While the intention may have been constructive criticism, you lose your message when people start pointing fingers, placing blame, and say we did it to make ourselves win awards. To be honest, I haven’t won an award; I was runner up last year to Victory in Trouble and thought hey that’s cool I really like her stuff! Look at the riots in my beloved hometown of Baltimore. The message of a man dying senseless from possible police brutality and incompetence was lost because people started attacking innocents and destroying property. What did that accomplish? Not a damn thing.

      All any of this has done is hurt people on both sides. Some now want to leave the fandom completely. Really the biggest loss will be fair fewer stories and updates.

      • This may sound really simple, or even stupid, but the truth is it wasn’t something I gave much thought to previously. As I explained, my life has pretty much been a shit sandwich for the past year, and outside of just reading and commenting on the many SVM/TB (and a handful of Hunger Games) fanfics that I read, I haven’t given much attention to anything else going on in the fandom. That includes many of the contests, awards, the new fanfic writers’ sites, etc. They just aren’t in the forefront of my mind. So it wasn’t until I read Zofya’s original post and Natsgirl’s response suggesting some possible changes/solutions that I even considered saying anything. Even now I’m wishing I hadn’t said anything at all because it’s an issue I’m not terribly involved in (at least right now), and my words may have unintentionally stirred the pot, so to speak. I love you ladies and your wonderful writing, and thinking that I might have in any way contributed to your desire to leave this fandom makes me want to cry. 😦

    • lostinspace33 – What a terrible year! I really hope things even out soon for you. I started writing fanfics to help get over my mother’s long, drawn-out, miserable death. At that time the TB/SVM fanfiction world was a safe and very welcoming place for me to rest and relax enough to start recovering and healing from the exhaustion and those horrible built-up emotions that come from watching a loved one die a slow, painful death. So…I get it. This is a sad, disappointing time for this fandom, and for no good reason. I guess that’s the worst part of it all for me – this acidic drama and angst is in no way necessary, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if all these needless dramatics don’t in some way contribute to the hastened ending of this fandom.

      • GOD DAMN IT !!!
        This is exactly where this is going -> A true death for the SVM/TB fandom 😦

        This community is on life support as it is, now THIS????
        CH dry fucked us, TB never got it right to begin with and apparently all of that isn’t enough to unite us either. Well, shit !!! 😦

        I told myself I wasn’t going to comment beyond asking everyone to take a chill pill and reconsider their decisions of giving up on writing or moving to a new fandom, because even after 24 hrs I still don’t understand what all the bickering is about.

        But damnit, a girl can take only so much before she hit the roof.

        YES, I don’t understand this ‘inner fight’ and DON’T fucking tell me that you do, because only one thing is clear here- there was a MASS-MISCOMMUNICATION on everyone’s part –


        1. Everyone keeps referring to some blog that started this shitsorm one day prior to the voting polls closing. Well, I didn’t see it so I’m not going to start having an opinions by using other people second hand feelings on it. (yes, this is a straight jab at the 90% of you out there, who didn’t know shit about shit like the rest of us up to 5 mins ago, but now are playing experts and pointing fingers)

        AND if YOU did saw it, for the sake of this community I beg you to put your energy towards smoothing things over rather than picking sides.

        2. The wordpress/facebook name calling, regardless on what side you are on this, is UNFACKINGCALLED FOR.


        3. If I have any issues there are with the readers and here is why.

        47 nomination forms????? Really????

        Let me tell YOU, my dear readers a story…..

        Before I braved myself to start writing I never knew how much an actual review, a simple thumbs-up, a check off the like button, an lonely effing smiley face and I am not even going to touch the GODS of ‘follow’ or ‘favorite’ buttons, mean to an author. As Kjwrit said “As a fanfiction writer, reviews are our only form of “pay” for lack of a better word….In the beginning, had no one left a review, I never would have posted anything again because there would have been no incentive for me to do it.”

        But YWBA IS ONCE A YEAR, a fun celebration of the fandom as a whole. A fun way for us to show our apricientient for all the authors we love so much. That said, THE LEAST you could have done is to nominate your all time favorite author in all the categories and leave the ones that don’t apply to empty.

        But, come on now. How hard is it to “pay your dues” for ripping off the benefits of FREE entertainment at least once a year?

        Because 47 nomination forms???? Really???

        That is what I call disrespectful.

        So now we have people left and right ready to name-call others like it’s no big deal, but wouldn’t lift their finger to show support where it counts.

        Because again, 47 nomination forms???? Really???

        Lets all take a step back and remember why we love SVM/TB to begin with and move on to whatever it is, but lets do it as adults and no more senseless bickering. Who said and didn’t say what, at this point is just pointless to discuss.

        I for once am grateful for ALL – CH, Allan, the SVM/TB fandom, the authors, the readers AND the Authority. In my eyes they are all as important, but hey that is just me…..

        Please guys lets this not be the end as we know it, because I know I won’t be fine:(

        Peace!!!! – as I drop the mike and walk away.

  29. I’m completely bewildered. I don’t understand how the people organising the awards became targets for abuse of any kind. I love this fandom and I didn’t nominate so there lies the problem. There were authors and stories I like that were not on the voting list but I wouldn’t dream of suggesting there was any reason for this other than not everyone likes the same things or like me people didn’t nominate the stories/writers they think should be considered for each award. I didn’t nominate because I was so behind with current stories I wanted to catch up first so I’d be making informed choices, then I ran out of time. I’m still catching up and the voting list has opened up writers I didnt’ even know about and stories I’ve never got to start. Hearing that only 47 people nominated has made me think – I should have nominated on what I already read and stopped putting it off. With voting I caught up as much as I could and voted for what I loved even if I hated choosing as so many stories deserve to win and all the writers deserve to be acknowledged.

    So if anyone should come under fire it’s people like me who didn’t nominate but voted from the options the 47 nominations provided.

    I love this fandom but I also love literature. I wouldn’t read the stories if I didn’t enjoy them or the standard of writing. To hear people are saying writers on the voting list can’t write is beyond belief and IS abusive to them. The writer’s and stories I haven’t heard of I will be checking out as soon as I can. I haven’t seen a story or writer that doens’t deserve a place on it. Those writers that are missing, well that’s down to people like me who didn’t put in a nomination. There are awesome wrtiers in this fandom, I can never understand why the majority aren’t writing original works. Hell a huge amount could have the characters names changed and be out on shelves without any further work – in my opinion.

    I would like to thank everyone who takes the time to put together sites like these, set polls and keep the fandom going in any way they can. No one should be left crying at home over something they do as a hobby, it’s horrifying to think people have been hurt to that extent. As for accusations of cheating, I’m shocked that people would think that at all, these polls just don’t work that way anyway.

    I have to say I totally understand why anyone would step down after all this. Why would anyone choose this grief?

  30. Well, I don’t know where I’ve been, but I’m just seeing all of this. I have to say that I have been looking forward to these awards since last year’s awards ended and was counting down until I could nominate and subsequently vote for my favorites. Honestly!

    I found so many fantastic new writers and stories last year!

    This year, the fact that I was nominated still blows me away. My story was also up in two categories for the wild card vote and though I didn’t get either final slot, I don’t feel slighted or cheated out of it. I know the stories and writers that did win the slots are excellent and I voted for them.

    Since the nominations, I have had referrals from this site’s link every day and have gained at least ten new followers. That is something I am also shocked by and very grateful to the Authority (all of you) for holding this contest and for the readers and writers who take part.

    I am sure that my little two cents here is not anything of vast importance and I’m not involved in the whole situation, hell I didn’t even know about it, but I just wanted to put in my Thank You for taking the time out of your ‘real’ lives to have this contest at all.

    If it doesn’t continue next year or you do decide not to post the winners, it will be a real shame to those who love and have found great value in them.

    I hope that is not the outcome.

  31. hi y’all, I wasn’t gonna say anything because I’m just a spec of sand on this fandom beach…then I realized THAT is exactly the problem. without my piece of sand to add to everyone else, there would be no beach. I failed to nominate and I SHOULD HAVE nominated. I thought it wouldn’t be fair to nominate because I haven’t read EVERY STORY OUT THERE. how ridiculous to think I can possibly read them ALL. I also don’t normally comment on stories I follow. I am changing my behavior STAT. I didn’t have to read them ALL to pick one I like, and in fact I have begun folliwing several wonderful writers because of nominations from others. if I want to continue to read your stories, I must let you know that I am, in fact, reading them. I know I’m not the only person who is like this (thus the small percentage of nominations, which is the foundation of the problem at hand). I apologize for failing the community and I will strive to no longer be a quiet piece of sand on our lovely beach. I don’t write but I read and read and then read more, I’m OCD about reading and I thought the writers were the only ones that needed to be heard. I was wrong. I would like to volunteer to help in any way to keep our beach open, the writers aren’t the only ones who need to be heard. thank you for all the work that all of you have done, thank you for giving me the opportunity to see new authors and stories, and than you for giving my OCD an outlet that doesn’t drive my family insane!

    Jeana (jeanamay@gmail.com) jjbuffy2 and a no longer silent piece of sand!

  32. If ever there was a time I wish I could take a drink, it would be now and over this situation. But alas, if I try anything with alcohol, I get hot flashes faster than green grass goes through a goose. I don’t mean the “I’m a bit flushed” from drinking hot flash. I’m talking get me a towel – now. And if I went and drank and got hot flashes, well then I’d be even grumpier cause damn hot flashes (alcohol inspired or not) are NO JOKE and required new clothes (and now you know I’m getting up in years).

    Aside from feeling the pain from all sides here, I have nothing else to offer. Take it from someone who only sorta helped with the contest last year: the amount of time these ladies spent is also NO JOKE (though not as messy as a hot flash). I can almost feel the disappointment of putting in the work and now wanting to see it through while simultaneously wanting to walk away. I have no words to help any of the Authority through that decision.

    So instead I got to thinking while I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies (cause chocolate does NOT cause hot flashes for me, thank GOD).

    WWED? What would Eric do?

    He’d laugh at our back and forth – then probably drain us all. Of course, he’d get to me and say, I’m keeping you forever ‘cause your blood tastes like chocolate (See everyone! It IS beneficial to eat as much chocolate as I do).

    All kidding aside (and it was a pathetic attempt to try and get a smile while everyone deals with this mess) – may I suggest we all walk away from the keyboard, remember the good parts of this fandom, and come back refreshed whenever you’re ready?

    The contest was intended to keep the fandom alive and have the readers recognize their favorites. Contests have winners, and non-winners. I know, I was nominated last year and I appreciated it just like this year. I also didn’t win any of the categories last year. Did it hurt? Ah, yeah, I can’t lie about that. If I recall correctly, I didn’t feel like writing for a while but the muse came back. What am I saying? I hope that however any of you are feeling tonight – the bad feeling goes away and the muse comes back kicking and screaming for something to be written. The fandom will weather this storm and bounce back.

    And if you think that by writing jokes I was trying to make this seem trivial – that was not the intent. There are people here – friends – in pain or confused tonight. I only wanted to make them smile for a moment. Even if it means sharing the wonderful hormone phase of life I am currently suffering through.

    Virtual Hugs! Cause even if I was there in person, you wouldn’t want to hug someone who is a walking 3000 degree oven.


  33. I too am NOT a writer of fanfiction… just a reader. Like many of you, I like awards because it gives me a chance to discover new stories/authors.

    Although, when members of the authority above say that none of these things were called to their attention before I’m kinda confused… because I myself said something last year about the unlimited voting by commenting on the Authority’s own post.. (https://youwantbloodawards.wordpress.com/2014/06/01/and-the-winners-are/) Its the last comment at the bottom.. .and yes my comment is kind of long because I tried make my comment very gracious and to show my appreciation, because I do realize that those in the Authority use a lot of their personal time to do this and while I see the good in the awards, I also saw some not so good things. But apparently nobody read all of my comment… or didn’t read it at all…

    Anyway, last year I waited to post my thoughts after the awards were over and winners announced, because I knew that the chances of changing how things were done in the middle of the contest was nearly nonexistent and it wasn’t worth the potential hoopla to anyone to stir stuff up during the middle of the voting period. Something like this can’t really be changed on the fly… But I had hoped my comments would be taken into account when planning for this years awards.

    Either way, I see both sides. The ladies of the Authority are spending lots of time and effort doing something they don’t have to do… and while yes, they get enjoyment out of it so do others. But I can see Zofya side… I myself didn’t agree with the unlimited voting and said so last year, but her post and comment actually got attention from the members of the Authority, while my comment sat forgotten or unread.

    But I hope everyone can get past this and continue writing for the fandom… because I’d sure like to continue reading stories in this fandom.

    Peace and Love to all…

    • I am sorry to hear that we overlooked your comment. I know last year I didn’t receive any notifications on any posts and I couldn’t understand why. But that is no excuse. I totally understand about the unlimited votes. Hopefully if the awards continue whoever does them will listen to everyone’s concerns. Although I know you can’t make everyone happy.

      • Thanks for your reply. I agree that you can’t make everyone happy. I deal with that a lot in my real life job… Everyone will always have an opinion of how they think things should be. Sometimes the people in charge just have to make a decision and go with it

        I hate that my post last year was overlooked, no notification sent to yall or whatever… but my sole opinion probably would not have prompted you gals to change the way you were doing things… We live in a “majority rules” world and as far as you were aware, everything was hunky dory with everyone else. And I don’t want to give the idea that I gave my opinion on behalf of a group of people… I didn’t. I’m not in any Facebook groups or whatever… So I was only sharing my own personal thoughts. So I assumed I was the minority and that was why nothing was different this year…

        Even so, I hate that this has snowballed into what it has. 😟

  34. I posted earlier after only reading this announcement. I was sad to hear of all the unrest. After looking into what was going on I made another comment over on Gyllene’s WP. I think that it would be relevant here as well:

    I read a lot of stories over the course of the year. I give my support and love to the authors in the comments/reviews of each chapter. Then when their story is finished I don’t necessarily remember it a year later when its time for awards.

    I think that most of the writers (the authority included) who got nominated did so because they are constantly writing, constantly posting, keeping the fandom alive and therefore they are freshest in the minds of those nominating. Its not a slight against the other writers and I wouldn’t even begin to think its cheating. Its just the way it is. Those that are more active are in the forefront of our minds. Its not a popularity contest. We are only human. We only operate on so much brain power. Do I wish I could remember every great story? Of course! There were some that I wanted to nominate yet completly forgot about them when the time came. For that I am sorry but it doesn’t mean I love them any less.

    I get updates weekly from Gyllene, Meridian, MistressJessica, Kittyinaz and many of the others who ended up on the final ballot, of course I am going to think of them when it comes time for nominations. They posted to their followers what stories were available for nominations and reminded us of submission deadlines. If all of the other authors were as active then perhaps there would have been more diversity in the nominees. Better representation of everyone.

    I’m sorry I didn’t get to nominate all of the authors who deserved it. My brain can only remember so much and with all of the stories I read over the course of the year (I am reading almost daily) it was inevitable that I would forget a few.

    All of you ladies who do the awards should be commended for keeping the fandom alive. For keeping things new and fresh. I don’t write but I am an avid reader. These stories are often my only escape from all the shit I deal with in real life. I look forward to them daily and could never thank you enough for what you have unknowingly done for me.

    I also would like to add that with this award and the other contests hosted (kittyinaz’s monthly contest comes to mind) I am finding new authors all the time. Until the new directory these awards and contests were a main source of finding new authors fo me. Otherwise I might only be reading those who I followed from fanfiction.net several years ago.

  35. “Much ado about nothing”

    In any civil election, they people running for office can vote. So people think people nominated for writing fanfic shouldn’t be able be to vote? Seriously?

    Secondly I used to run a fan page. 2010. I have seen a lot of writer’s competitions. I have seen authors different stories in one catalog. And sometimes even picking between stories in one category is so hard because the stories are so great.

    As for new writers thinking there are shenanigans afoot. Well sorry we all don’t know you yet. For awhile we, fandom, had someone who tweeted all updates and new stories. But no more. It’s hard to find new stuff. Some folks are trying to rectify this and are doing a great job.

    I have been reading all the comments. The supposed issues are non-issues. All rules were plainly stated. Several times. If you didn’t like them then you should have told the committee you didn’t want to participate.

    If you decided you didn’t want to participate only after you found out the votes and nominations weren’t to your liking, then you need to stay out of all contests in the future.

    Publish the outcome of the contest, it is only fair to those of us that voted and read the stories.

    And in case you don’t know I am the blunt bitch everyone loves to hate. So name calling will bring me much laughter. 🙂

  36. I know I should keep my mouth shut because I have not read every comment on this thread and I have not read any of the original posts that inspired this post but I just wanted to point out that in my opinion, since I first stumbled across all of the upset over the awards this morning, I feel like our fandom has just morphed into season 5 of TB. It’s the Sanguineista movement all over again. Roman was just staked, Billith went crazy destroying everything and everyone and Eric are caught in the crossfire. I for one hated season 5, 6 and 7. Season 5 is where TB destroyed my enjoyment of the show. I stayed around for 6 in hope that they would right the wrongs of Season 5. When they didn’t, I didn’t stick around for Season 7. I am a gluttonous reader. I read from every author that I find. I am always excited when the awards come around because that is how I discover new writers in our fandom. Can we PLEASE not turn out escape into something that drives us away? I NEED my FF stories and I would be devastated to loose them. Say NO to Season 5!!!!

  37. Hi there ladies. I feel like a fish out of water. I’m not nearly as involved in the community as most of you are – I wasn’t even back when I was updating stories every week. I’m not on Facebook, I’m not on Twitter or any FF Forums and I have always tried to keep my WP as personal-rant free as possible, even if sometimes I used it as a sounding board. So I am always late to catch up when stuff happens.

    But even so I want to say I do appreciate you for all the work you do. THANK YOU for the work that you do – work I have benefitted from without having to lift a finger (well I did write but that’s not my point). I am aware most of the following I had was a result of the Awards last year and before (and other awards too it would be fair to say). I was also just lucky that the readers I did have were involved enough to want to contribute to nominations.

    I never really participated in nominating people or voting – I’ve always been very aloof, though I did promote awards when prompted because it was the least I could do and because I should thank people for being kind to include me (yay readers!). I don’t think I promoted it this year until I was told I had been nominated – but again, I blame the fact I’m just not active anymore and I was a bit surprised I was still considered for it at all.

    And when you get just 47 nomination forms, what are you going to do? Most readers are passive, it’s just a fact. But you guys set up the system in fairness. 47 people were passionate enough to do something with it (as I understand) – simple as that. Whatever you guys do from here on I just wanted to say your part in this community has been positive, whatever misunderstandings there might be. You rock & thank you.

  38. I don’t know what happened, but two pieces of advice:

    1. Don’t let the b*****ds grind you down.

    That goes for the lovely ladies who run these awards AND for all us writers.

    Criticism — especially when it’s directed at a labour of love like this — hurts. Even if it’s well meant. It’s easy to take it to heart, and let it drown out the positive comment and your enjoyment.

    Don’t. Don’t give up.

    2. Don’t feed the wrong wolf.

    Us writers get a flash of jealousy when we read someone else’s brilliant plot or a perfect phrase, when somone else wins and we don’t. What matters is what you do with that feeling. You can feed it until resentment and disappointment stop you from writing, or you can use it as a spur to write better, write more, write different.

    You choose which wolf to feed.

    Now the mushy stuff is out the way, let’s get down to brass tacks.

    First, can you imagine how much work there is in setting up this site, organising the ballot, going through the nominations? We are lucky to have people who give up their spare time to do this. Thank you!

    Second, hey, things don’t always run smoothly. We’re in good company. Look at all those fans and writers getting their knickers in a twist over the Hugos this year.

    The problems as far as I can see: (with possible solutions)

    Fewer nominations:
    1. Nominating takes time: maybe fewer categories, or allowing people to vote for just some of them would make it less intimidating. It took me an hour to gather all the URLs this year.

    And I came to the website and nominations had closed. (I was gutted!) Which brings me to:

    2. The date: I’d allowed for the time difference, but assumed midnight 8th May meant midnight Friday. I guess it meant midnight Thursday though? That might have lost you nominations from last-minuters like me. (I meant to email, but I figured it was just me and then there were tie-breakers, yay! So I voted on those instead.)

    3. Getting the word out: I saw fewer writers on FF.net announcing the awards this year. If that was because fewer writers were updating in the lead up, not much you can do. Maybe PM some writers over there and ask them to mention it?

    That last one may also explain why the field seems narrower this time. FF.net has it’s problems but it has a bigger audience and a wider variety of stories.

    1. Repeat votes: I’m not a fan, BUT it is impossible to guarantee one vote per person online. (Even if you tie voting to IP addresses, there’s ways round that.) So maybe it’s more honest and fairer all round to tell everybody they can vote as many times as they like. So that doesn’t bother me.

    You can’t stop nominees voting. Not feasible. (And I want to vote for other people’s stories!)

    2. Dates again: Voting was slated for the 15th to 22nd. It’s closed already. That does bother me. (I know that might be because of all the fuss, but a lot of readers won’t know about that.) Don’t close early if you’ve set a date. Disorganised folks like me WILL leave it to the last minute.

    As for bias I’m not seeing it. (I know, easy for me to say, I was nominated.)

    More prolific writers, writers of longer standing, writers with more fans — all more likely to get nominated, and that’s what I see. There were stories I was surprised not to see though, but if there were only 47 nominations, that figures.

    Last point:

    Words are powerful. Mind them. Don’t use them to wound.

  39. I’ve been ill a lot for the past few years with unknown causes, and when I feel like absolute crap, I often turn to fanfiction to read as a way to escape life for even just a little bit. And a lot of the stories I read I find through either random browsing or through recommendations of others. Sure there are some authors that I love and will go back and reread their stories over and over again but I always look for new authors and stories to add to my favorites. And I have found some by the nominations from these and other awards.

    While criticism is a good thing don’t take it to the point of hatred. A lot of people don’t stop and think of the time and effort that goes into something like this, and that time and effort is taken from your RL.
    I am the type of person that is very shy and doesn’t talk much, but when I feel that something, no matter how small, needs to be said, I speak up, so to all the authors big and small, Thank you for the time you take to bring the stories to life and giving someone a place to retreat to from everyday problems.

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