Voting Is Open for 24 hours!!



In response to yesterday’s announcement, a large crowd of writers, readers, and stalkers has gathered at the door. Soon they are led down a long, dark hallway to eventually arrive at a single door guarded by a face familiar to many, if not all.



“Freakity frack fuck….that is Alcide….I want…” MistressJessica could not stop the words from tumbling out as she eyed the male guarding the door as though she didn’t know if she wanted to tackle the man or the door first.

“Hold her back,” Magsdonald whispered to the ones around them. They all quietly chuckled in response.

“Welcome back, everyone! I am glad that you guys were able to find time in your schedules to come back and vote to help keep the fandom on strong footing as we all move forward,” Alcide said, his deep voice cut across the gathering.  “We are to wait here until 4padfoot returns, but I just want to say that I am proud of all of you who are determined to help keep this fandom alive and thriving.”

The huge door behind Alcide opens and a single woman comes through and looks at the crowd.  “Hello, everyone!  Glad you have all made it.  I hope that you are all following Eric’s suggestion and leaving lots of messages with the authors.”

There are some smiles and giggles as whispers are heard of inboxes being full, and a couple murmurs of “Oops, I need to still do that.”

“Ok, well, I see everyone still has to-do lists for later, but as the Polls will open in two minutes, I’d like to go over the changes that have already been made regarding the Awards. For each category, you will be allowed to vote only once, but you may select up to three options. Remember: one vote with up to three options per category. Just consider that you are voting for first, second, and third place.

“You will also see that the Newcomer Award is missing.  I made the decision to hold this one back until the New Blood Awards next month.  I have also removed myself from the Van Gogh Award. If at any time in the future I am nominated for anything, I will remove it then, too. This way I am as unbiased a third party as I can be in a fandom that I love. If you want to recognize me just swing by my website or my Youtube channel and do it there.  

“Next you will notice that the voting ballots are set up exactly as before excluding the changes mentioned except for a link at the end.  You can fill out this survey as many times as you want – just click the link at the end of the ballot and you should be allowed to fill in only that section again.  *At least it worked that way in my testing.* You can use that survey to send me suggestions, comments, or ideas.  

“Finally, the polls will be open until 12:00 pm (noon) EST tomorrow, May 24, 2015.  This will give you guys a full 24 hours to vote.  Now, are there any questions?  If so, contact me!  Otherwise…”  the kind, wonderful, amazing, decent, sweet, brilliant lady *What the heck! Where did that come from sorry gotta go take Godric away from my editor she snuck that in here* glances over the crowd and turns to knock in a quick five-beat pattern.  The doors are then opened by two very familiar faces.

“Good afternoon, ladies…won’t you come in,”  Godric invites as the two hold the door open to the voting room.

allan-hyde-17 close-up-tux



Remember EVERY vote counts.








Here is the direct link to the Comments and Ideas survey.


51 thoughts on “Voting Is Open for 24 hours!!

  1. Ahum ahum *cough cough* Let’s just be calm and *runs off dragging Godric behind her to a secret room in a secret location* –four hours later– *Stumbles inside the voting room to scribble down her votes before rushing off towards her super secret Godric Debauchery location once more*
    And also, thank you again for these Awards! ❤

  2. I voted!! I don’t know if the polls let you know who voted so I’m saying it here. I love this fandom and love the opportunity to show my support (cause I haven’t been outspoken in the past). I’m here! I’m reading! I’m leaving reviews and I’m loving every minute of it!

  3. Reblogged this on Kittyinaz and commented:

    Ok, I am doing it here, but please click on the link (the blue words) in your email to be taken to the polls. You have 24 hours, and one chance to make your voice heard. Make it good!!!!

  4. Reblogged this on Secret Nerd Princess and commented:
    Hey guys! The time is NOW! It is NOW for the next twenty-two hours and fifty-one minutes! So go VOTE! Go show your love for our fandom’s writers. There are some really amazing stories up for awards this year.

    And maybe…I might…kinda…sorta have a story you can vote for…maybe. If you look for the Hybrid Crossover story, you’ll see Wonderland listed. Remember that story that started out as a just a fun bit of writing for me? That turned into a cool romp through time with Sookie and the Doctor?

    Okay, then certainly you remember Eric in a kilt? That kinda sticks in the brain, doesn’t it? You wouldn’t want to disappoint kilted Eric would you?

    What if he told you that I’m planning on having an update out on Monday for Wonderland?

    Anyway it goes, you should go vote!!! It’ll be fun, I promise!

    Mad Lovely,
    Secret Nerd Princess

  5. That was really, really hard. Much harder with only 1 vote. As you’ve taken yourself off the vote I have to say – I really, really love your artwork. I totally understand why you removed yourself but I hope you get recognised elsewhere for it.

  6. OK, I voted, but I have to say that every writer, artist, and beta in this fandom is a winner. Every speck of imagination and time you put forth for our entertainment? Thank you. I’m humbled by all of you. I don’t need an award. My reward comes from all of you.

    That said, Robin, I have to state… Alcide’s missing his Pittsburgh accent! (I couldn’t resist!) Next time we see him, Mistress Jess & others, I’ll make my Joe tackle him for yinz!

  7. Reblogged this on kinnik's Funhouse and commented:
    One more vote and the biggest THANK YOU ever to 4padfoot for everything! God Bless Her! I received several “Eric sent me…”s yesterday and each one warmed heart. (I even got one from idream3223 saying that Eric didn’t need to send her). These little notes left me shocked and choked up. Thank you to all.

    4padfoot is showed that this fandom is indeed not dying. It is thriving by the vast amount of new writers that have come in over the last year and the support of all of the seasoned writers and readers lately.

    Unbelievably amazing is the fact that there will be the New Blood awards coming soon to recognize the newbies for their fresh and exciting stories.

    Thanks again to 4padfoot. Let’s prove her right and show our dedication, too!

    NOW GO VOTE and show your love for everyone who loves and takes pride in doing what we all love! Eric and Godric are waiting…

  8. I voted, it was so hard to pick just one, I truly love everyone’s stories! No matter what I’ll keep reading and rereading everyone’s wonderful work.

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  10. Reblogged this on and commented:

    I know, I know. You’ve probably seen this a dozen times already and are sick of it. HOWEVER, if you go vote, I might treat you all to the first chapter of A Viking’s Choice a month early since I did say Summer 2015, and we aren’t technically there yet. But you have to tell me you voted in response to this post or else you won’t get to see it. 😉

  11. Reblogged this on Unseen Wonder and commented:
    Everyone should vote. Even if you are not a writer or a have a wordpress blog, this was made by fans for fans no one is excluded. EVERYONE is invited to vote for the stories that they love and want to see recognized.

    I have 218 followers and every single one of you should vote no matter what. I have voted and so should you!

  12. Reblogged this on The Drawing Board and commented:
    To my great surprise I’m actually up for one of these… alongside some great writers. After some issues arising, voting was extended for this 24 hours and each person can only vote once… so go cast yours (I’m up for the Crossover award… hint, hint 😀 )

  13. Does anybody know what happened to 12 steps by kjwrit? It was originally on the last best one shot ballot but is missing this time.
    Good luck ladies. You all deserve to win!!

    • Sorry my kids took my internet access away yesterday and I am just now getting caught back up. This story was brought to our attention by a reader as being published out of the time frame and so when I updated the polls it was removed.

      • Ok thanks for the response! I will nominate it for next year😉 and thank you for what you have done for the fandom. Eric sent me to tell you that he is very, very grateful for all that you are doing and he really, really loves your work😃

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  16. Dang it all that was hard!

    Good luck everyone!

    I happened to fluke seeing this post. RL is kicking my ass! Fan fic is losing out to housework, study and being a parent… This study thing… Lol, been to long since I’ve been a student. It is a challenge!! Lol
    Hopefully I’ll be back to reading and revising soon!!!

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