News Flash!!

Yes, I am back…well back for a few minutes…

I thought of not posting today as it is April Fools day but then I realized it is getting close to time to open nominations so I had better go ahead and post today.  No …. it is not exactly nomination time yet (that is coming soon nominations will open on April 15th) but I wanted to post a question and get some readers opinions.  So here is the question.  As a few of you might know I also edit music videos for fanfiction stories, tributes and birthdays sometimes just so we can look at some eye candy.*snicker*

So here is what I was thinking.  This year I will make a video as our grand prize winner.  No this is not a joke!  Then I ran into trouble on how to decide which award category to give the grand prize to.  So you will see in the poll there are 4 options

Option 1: A previous years winner of the Greatest Love award (2015 winner The UN-IVERSE by CaliforniaKat or 2014 winner All In by KJWRIT)

Option 2: The Greatest Love Story winner for this year

Option 3: Create a new category Grand Prize Award where fans can enter any story to be nominated and the top 10 will be in the finals to be voted on.

Option 4: Don’t want to vote let the judge decide

So this poll will be up until the 15th and I will post the results when I will open Nominations.  Leave me some feed back on what you would like to see on this question.

Also don’t forget the New Blood Awards will run after the You Want Blood Awards are finished.



(AKA 4padfoot)


2016 Rules and Categories


Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Best One Shot
The Human Award – Best AH
The Hybrid – Best Crossover
The Best of Both Worlds – Best SVM/TB combo
Mr. January – Best Lemon
The Greatest Love Story – Best Romance
Tissue / Kleenex – Best Angst
Rollercoaster Award – Best Drama
The Alan Ball – Best Rewrite of TB
The Charlaine Harris – Best Rewrite of SVM
Best of the Best – All Time Favorite Story
EIM – Favorite Author
Van Gogh – Best Artist
Eagle Eye – Best Beta
NKOTB – Best Newcomer
Pins and Needles Award – W.I.P. story you wait anxiously for updates on

We will be taking the TOP 10 nominees with the most votes from each category for you to then vote for your favorites.  Voting will begin May 15thand the winners will be announced May 29th.


1. The story must have been started or updated in the period between May 1, 2015 and April 15, 2016.

2. It is up to you, the nominator, to fill out the nomination form in its entirety. If there are blank spaces on the form, your nomination will be rejected.  Nominations will open on April 15th and close on April 30th 

3. If any plagiarism is detected in a nominated story, we will pull the nomination and any awards received IMMEDIATELY.

4. For the newcomer award, the author cannot have published a story prior to May 1, 2015, for consideration.

5. The nomination form may be submitted one time.

Start your lists Early!