2016 Awards update

Hello Everyone!


After reading all the surveys . . . we are letting Eric out of the cage and making several changes to the rules and maybe adjust more over time to ensure that the 2016 Awards are a celebration of all your favorite authors and artists.  I have decided to hold the You Want Blood Awards for this year (but I need everyone to remember it is only one person that runs this and please contact me 4padfoot aka Robin with any issues).  It will be a little different than what has been run in the past.  First off I want to thank everyone for helping fill out the surveys.  I received a lot of helpful information and there were a couple of things that everyone kept asking for that were surprising.  More categories, better links and category definitions.  All of these I have utilized all the new ideas checked out other award sites and will start using the format below for rules and categories from now on.

Dates for now this post will be public for 7 days where if anyone has any questions or issues they can contact me or leave a message.

This post will be public for 7 days where if anyone has any questions or issues they can contact me or leave a message.

On August 7 – I will open back up the nominations (all earlier nominations from the first poll will be automatically added) the nominations will be open until August 31.  This gives 25 days for nominations.

On September 1 the Semi-Final round will be opened so that you can then vote for who you think should be allowed into the final round.  This Semi-Final round will be open for 4 weeks the entire month of September so that you have plenty of time to read any of the nominated stories that you haven’t before.  Closing on September 30.

On October 8 I will then post the Final round for a two week voting period of the top 10 from each category from the Semi Finals.  Which will close on October 22

On October 31 I will post the winners and banners.

Official Rules

  1. All fanfictions completed in the past year (dates will be provided) may be submitted for consideration.  A WIP (work in progress) must have been updated within the year dates will be provided each year.

  2. Every nomination will result in a spot on the Semi Final voting poll which will run for 4 weeks.  This will give people time to read as many nominations as they wish before voting closes.  The Top 10 nominations from each category will then move onto the Finals voting poll for a two week voting period.

  3. Everyone is eligible for nominations and will be posted as a nominee as long as the nomination complies with the category requirements listed on a category page.

  4. You may nominate as many different authors, fics and artists as you wish for each category.  There is no limit.  As long as they meet the category requirements.

  5. To celebrate all of our hardworking authors and artists.  The same story cannot win a category twice.  For example, if Bored to Death were to win The Best of the Best (favorite fic of all time), it cannot be nominated for that category again.  Only 1st place winners from previous years will be ineligible.


Categories Defined

Hit Me With Your Best Shot Award – Best One Shot

Category for any story that is a single chapter in length

The Human Award – Best AH

Category for All Human stories with no supernatural elements

The Hybrid Award – Best Crossover

Category for all crossover stories with other fandoms

Mr. January Award- Best Lemon

Category for best love/sex scene

The Greatest Love Story – Favorite Story

Category for best story of the year

Rollercoaster Award – Best Angst/Drama/Cliffhangers

Category for those stories that are able to leave you gasping for breath

The Viking Award – Best Eric

Category for the Best Eric in a story

The Saucy Award – Best Sookie

Category for the Best Sookie

The Flying Monkey Award – Best Villain

Category for the best villain, must provide name

Who the Hell Are You Award – Best OC

Category for the best Original Character, must provide name

Pins and Needles Award – W.I.P. story you wait anxiously for updates on

Category for WIP stories only and last update must have been in the dates provided

Best of the Best Award – All Time Favorite Story

Category for the best story of all time.  This is the only category with NO time limit.  Yes . . . Any story can be nominated for this award.

EricIsMine Award – Favorite Author

Category for your favorite author

Van Gogh Award – Best Artist

Category for artists who make banners, gifs, videos to visually enhance stories

Eagle Eye – Best Beta

Category nominated by authors for the stories they help with, must provide story title

NKOTB – Best Newcomer

Category for newcomers only, new author must have posted first TB/SVM story in the dates provided

**Stories whether Multichapter completed or WIP must still be published online.  All WIP must have an update within the dates provided for the current year for the awards.


Story links was another request

So I have created a Community on Fanfiction.net where I will post each year’s nominations.  Link is below, currently it has last years nominations as a test and so you can also find and follow the community.

For stories that are only on blogs I will create a page where summaries and links are provided.

Story Links on Fanfiction.net

Have a question or concern? Send me an email, leave a comment below or a PM to our facebook page You Want Blood Awards.

Now, get those nomination lists ready!  Nominations will open soon!



P.S.  I have one position to fill.  I need someone who is active on Fanfiction.net who will be able to promote the community.  Please contact me if you are interested in it.  Otherwise Eric has nominated Godric who is growling about extra work!


11 thoughts on “2016 Awards update

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  2. Thank you for doing so much work on this! My only comment is regarding dates as August might be a tricky time with people being on family vacations etc. Perhaps it is just me but I tend to be a lot less online for that reason in August.

  3. Really pleased to hear the awards are going ahead, thank you for all your effort.
    Happy to hear the story links will be published, that is a wonderful bonus to the awards and I devour everything listed! Can’t wait. x

  4. Shout out to all authors – hope you see this, I can’t remember all the stories I read this past year. A post update listing your eligible stories would be greatly appreciated in helping to jog my memory!!!!

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