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If you are going to run a contest.  Please contact me and I will add it and link to it for you.



Kittyinaz June Writing Contest 

See page for rules to follow.


This month, I am doing one of my off challenges.  Yeah, kinda like the Angels in the fire and so forth.

As you can see, it is labelled Fairy Tales.  And while I used the Disney Series by Annie Leibovitz for the banner, it does NOT have to be a Disney Fairy Tale.  I just liked the imagery she did as well as the ones I picked helped portray the idea I wanted…

So any fairy tale, be it Grimms, Disney, One Thousand and One Nights, Folktales of Greece and so on.  The list I am using to determine is to be found here: Wikipedia List of Fairy Tales.  I just noticed the American Ones (Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed and so on) are not on there, they will be allowed.  If you can’t find one on there, please check with Rissa and she will check it out with me, making sure I have no idea who is asking.  Since the list is very extensive, I am hoping that it will help motivate you!


The Fanatic Fanfics Multifandom Awards

The Top 5/10 will continue to the Second Round of Voting, which will start on June 15th, 2015 and end ONE WEEK later on June 22nd, 2015. Yes, because of time restraints, we’ll only be having the second round up for one week, so keep an eye out when the poll comes up! You’ll be only be able to pick the Top 3 on this round.

Winners will be announced on June 25th, 2015. Like last year, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will receive a banner made by Mina.

You better start picking your favorites now! You’ll only have ONE chance to vote, SO MAKE IT COUNT!

fanatic fanfics

Kittyinaz May Writing Contest Voting is open

Your Challenge? To be inspired by the picture and to write!




2 thoughts on “Contests & Links

  1. ok maybe im just a bobo head but I can’t find any stories for 2016 to read to be able to vote???? can you help me out please?? HELP…

    • Nominations are open for now I will post a link with all the nominations when it is completed. For now you can fill out the survey with your nominations.

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