New Blood Awards


o Anyone who has published their first story in the SVM/TB fandom within the last two years is eligible.  Next year this rule will change to only include those who have joined during the year prior to that nomination’s opening, but I’m doing it this way this year so that it will cover from the beginning of this website.   Once again, for this current nomination period, only writers who have published their first story in this fandom during the past two years are eligible.  Everyone got that?  They can have written for other fandoms at any time, but their first story in the SVM/TB fandom must have been posted during these past two years

o ANYONE can nominate.  Authors can nominate their own stories if they want, and stalkers and readers can nominate their new favorites.  I repeat: anyone can nominate any qualifying fic

o Nominators are encouraged to nominate as often as they want, no set number of entrants per category

o Encourage writers to let readers know which of their stories are eligible for whichever Awards.

o Encourage writers to encourage their readers to nominate them.

o Nominations are anonymous


Remember everyone that the point behind fanfiction Awards is to celebrate, promote, and encourage fanfiction stories.

Nomination Post

Nominee links

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