Questions & Answers for New Blood Awards

Questions & Answers

This page will be  updated as I get more questions.

  • Can they fill out the nomination form more than once? Yes
  • If so, is it then one nomination per category or can they make multiple nominations in the same category for essentially unlimited times for different stories and writers provided they meet the under 2yr criteria? You can only enter one category with one story per nomination form if you want to nominate the same story for another category fill out another nomination form
  • The Newcomer Award: is that the same rule as in the previous edition, started publishing TB/SVM from in this case May 29th 2014, or is it open to anyone who meets the under 2yr criteria?  The newcomer is just under 2 years and new to the fandom, meaning first SVM/TB fanfiction written in that time period
  • Best Villain Award: Where should they provide the name of the Villain nominee? In the “Nominated Author and Story Title” field? Or is simply supplying the name of the writer and story enough? Everything can be put in the Nominated author and story field.  Villain name would be helpful that way I don’t have to read the fic to figure out who you are meaning.

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