And the winners are . . .

Hello everyone I’m Back. . . .

I had a plan and as usual all my plans back fired.  Had a wonderful little skit planned out in my head then the mother of all migraines hit and I could not even look at the computer screen last night to work as the light was too bright.  So to just get to the winners was how I decided to go.  Look below and remember to congratulate everyone all the stories were wonderful!  Going back to hide in the dark if someone would send me a certain Viking or Gaul It would be greatly appreciated!


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Award Intro Music . . . .

And the winners are . . .

The New Blood Award – Best Story

  • 1st Swimming to the Light by Natsgirl
  • 2nd In His Honor by MistressJessica1028
  • 3rd A Queen’s Command by MistressJessica1028

The Newcomer Award – Best Author

  • 1st MistressJessica1028
  • 2nd Natsgirl
  • 3rd Hisviks

The Flying Monkey Award – Best Villian

  • 1st Sam Merlotte – Swimming to the Light by Natsgirl
  • 2nd Appius – Love Eternal by justwanderingneverlost
  • 3rd Bill – Scratches by FairyTaleAmber

The Saucy Award – Best Sookie

  • 1st A Different Life by MistressJessica1028
  • 2nd To Protect My Kin by TB Viking Addict
  • 3rd Swimming to the Light by Natsgirl

The Viking Award – Best Eric

  • 1st Swimming to the Light by Natsgirl
  • 2nd Dead and Loving It by FairyTaleAmber
  • 3rd To Protect My Kin by TB Viking Addict

Voting is open!

“Hello everyone!  Yes, it is Robin.  Voting is open!  This will be very short.  When I was in middle of nomination forms my power went out.  For 6 freaking hours.  Then it kept going downhill from there.  Polldaddy’s site crashed.  By the time I was able to get back to work and everything ready by noon there was no time to write out a quick scene.  All the nominations are on the nomination page but I am still working on getting all the links on the nomination page so keep checking back to get to the last story links.  Remember to vote and come back next weekend when the winners are announced.”


  • You can vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in EACH category.  Got that 3 votes in each category.

  • You can only fill out the survey ONCE.

  • Voting will close on 6/20/2015 at noon EST.

Click the banner to activate the survey to submit your vote click the finish survey at the bottom.



Eric!  Godric!  You have 7 days to find out what happened and how my house had so many problems!

Less than 24 hours!

You don’t have much time left to get  your nominations in.  Nomination forms have to be submitted by Midnight tonight Eastern time.  Don’t forget to check out the nominee’s page to make sure it has not already been nominated!  286 nominations so far!


Click the link here to be taken to the nominee’s page

Voting will open at Noon Eastern on Saturday 6/13/2015 to be open until Noon Eastern Saturday 6/20/2015.  You will only be allowed to vote ONCE so be prepared!  Otherwise we may have to leave Eric in the cage since he didn’t get enough donations to earn his freedom!




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6 days left!

Half way thru nominations…

I have managed to get the nominations updated thru today so please before you nominate make sure to check to see if they have not already been nominated.  *Saves me some time to not have to re check the same stories over and over!*

So far there have been 265 nominations I have several emails out so a few more nominations will be added as soon as people answer me.

Also I will be making the voting polls from the nominee page so if you see a typo or something else wrong please leave me a message so I can get it corrected soon.

Way to go guys!

Click the link here to be taken to the nominee’s page



Check out our Nominee Page

Good morning everyone.  This will be short as my kids are hollering about mom and computer time and breakfast and clean clothes.  I don’t know I tuned them out after that.

I have started to update the nominee link page so you will have plenty of time to read and vote for your favorites.  I am still waiting for some email replies on some before I add them. Also remember that nominations are open until June 12th!  





Thanks guys!!


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Nominations for New Blood Awards 2015


The group of stalkers lead the writers and readers of the SVM/TV fandom into the now familiar hallway where they are to wait to learn the nomination rules for the New Blood Awards.  As they near the closed doors, they hear arguing.

“But Robin, he didn’t mean to.” the male voice that everyone recongizes as coming from Godric says.  “You’ve had him locked up for 5 days.”  The doors opened and everyone saw Eric sitting in a small wire cage.


“Oh please, Godric, like he couldn’t shred that whole cage if he wanted.  He’s staying in there because he knows he messed up.”   The woman says as she glares at the grinning vampire.  “Now I have an announcement to make, please excuse me.  Girls are you ready?”

“Oh Robin yes, we’re ready and we’re so glad we get to help with these New Blood Awards.” The red head squeals excitedly. Everyone recognizes Jessica Hamby who is walking with the dark headed, Willa Burrell.


“Hey, everyone,” Jessica called out to the members of the crowd.  Many return greetings to the two new vampires and ask to have some chats later.

“Now let’s get on track as I am sure some of you have already scanned down and seen that the nomination form is below.  I’ve thought about how to spark more interest in these awards and here is what I have decided,” The woman says as she pulls out a real notebook and turns to glare at Eric who grins back.

“Alright, first, anyone who has published their first story in the SVM/TB fandom within the last two years is eligible (May 1, 2013 – May 29, 2015)).  Next year this rule will change to only include those who have joined during the year prior to that nomination’s opening, but I’m doing it this way this year so that it will cover from the beginning of this website.   Once again, for this current nomination period, only writers who have published their first story in this fandom during the past two years are eligible.  Everyone got that?  They can have written for other fandoms at any time, but their first story in the SVM/TB fandom must have been posted during these past two years.”

She pauses to see if anyone has any questions, and proceeds when they don’t

“Second, anyone can nominate.  Authors can nominate their own stories if they want, and stalkers and readers can nominate their new favorites.  I repeat: anyone can nominate any qualifying fic.  I will try (TRY) to update the nominee page as I verify each story, and every story that passes verification will be in the final vote.  Now, on the nomination forms, you MUST fill out which category where you want the story placed.  I can’t read minds, so if the category section is not filled in, I will have no choice but to discard that nomination form.  So, be prepared – this could be a long voting form!!”

As the crowd stood still listening attentively, they were shocked to hear the Viking’s voice cut across the room.

“Hello, ladies.  Now, since I do own Robin a new laptop, I will be accepting donations if you are willing to help my cause, but I will also be doing a photo signing session one signed photo your choice for each completed nominations form…” His voice trailed off as Jessica and Willa grabbed Robin to haul her out of the way as they crowd stormed to the computer room to research as many new writers as they could find.


Nominations close on JUNE 12, 2015


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