Voting Is Open for 24 hours!!



In response to yesterday’s announcement, a large crowd of writers, readers, and stalkers has gathered at the door. Soon they are led down a long, dark hallway to eventually arrive at a single door guarded by a face familiar to many, if not all.



“Freakity frack fuck….that is Alcide….I want…” MistressJessica could not stop the words from tumbling out as she eyed the male guarding the door as though she didn’t know if she wanted to tackle the man or the door first.

“Hold her back,” Magsdonald whispered to the ones around them. They all quietly chuckled in response.

“Welcome back, everyone! I am glad that you guys were able to find time in your schedules to come back and vote to help keep the fandom on strong footing as we all move forward,” Alcide said, his deep voice cut across the gathering.  “We are to wait here until 4padfoot returns, but I just want to say that I am proud of all of you who are determined to help keep this fandom alive and thriving.”

The huge door behind Alcide opens and a single woman comes through and looks at the crowd.  “Hello, everyone!  Glad you have all made it.  I hope that you are all following Eric’s suggestion and leaving lots of messages with the authors.”

There are some smiles and giggles as whispers are heard of inboxes being full, and a couple murmurs of “Oops, I need to still do that.”

“Ok, well, I see everyone still has to-do lists for later, but as the Polls will open in two minutes, I’d like to go over the changes that have already been made regarding the Awards. For each category, you will be allowed to vote only once, but you may select up to three options. Remember: one vote with up to three options per category. Just consider that you are voting for first, second, and third place.

“You will also see that the Newcomer Award is missing.  I made the decision to hold this one back until the New Blood Awards next month.  I have also removed myself from the Van Gogh Award. If at any time in the future I am nominated for anything, I will remove it then, too. This way I am as unbiased a third party as I can be in a fandom that I love. If you want to recognize me just swing by my website or my Youtube channel and do it there.  

“Next you will notice that the voting ballots are set up exactly as before excluding the changes mentioned except for a link at the end.  You can fill out this survey as many times as you want – just click the link at the end of the ballot and you should be allowed to fill in only that section again.  *At least it worked that way in my testing.* You can use that survey to send me suggestions, comments, or ideas.  

“Finally, the polls will be open until 12:00 pm (noon) EST tomorrow, May 24, 2015.  This will give you guys a full 24 hours to vote.  Now, are there any questions?  If so, contact me!  Otherwise…”  the kind, wonderful, amazing, decent, sweet, brilliant lady *What the heck! Where did that come from sorry gotta go take Godric away from my editor she snuck that in here* glances over the crowd and turns to knock in a quick five-beat pattern.  The doors are then opened by two very familiar faces.

“Good afternoon, ladies…won’t you come in,”  Godric invites as the two hold the door open to the voting room.

allan-hyde-17 close-up-tux



Remember EVERY vote counts.








Here is the direct link to the Comments and Ideas survey.