Vote Vote Vote


Feel free to grab a banner and link it back to our voting page.

If you need any help please contact 4padfoot or just leave a comment here she is usually stalking the sites she maintains to help.

There is unlimited Voting! So vote every day for your favorites and lets see how high of a total we can get.  Each time you vote in an award category you can vote for up to 3 different stories each time!

Nominees!! You can get your nominee banner from this page click the link below.

Nominee Banners

Nominee Story links


16 thoughts on “Vote Vote Vote

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  4. I promise I don’t mean to be a pest, but I’m missing off of The Greatest Love Story ballot. I know I was nominated, Gyllene sent me my banner for it. I think my story has gotten mixed up with one of hers. Mine is “Love Eternal”. What I see on the ballot is “Lovers Eternal by Gyllene”. My banner had to be remade because it said Lovers instead of Love. So I think that’s how the mix up happened. Thanks again for putting this all together for us!!! Good luck to everyone!!

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